Sims 4

Challenge Posting Schedule 

Hi everyone my name is Illyianna and I love Sims 4, I also love to do Sims 4 Challenges and so I decided to make a page just for my Sims 4 Challenges. Also In preparation for one day doing my own Twitter an playing My Sims 4 Challenges Via Twitch I decided to make a Schedule an stick to it for my Challenges.

I’m not ready to Live Stream on Twitch yet because I’m in the process of getting a new Computer. However this Schedule should help me make sure to post update’s on my Challenge’s regularly.

Note: I was starting to find Sims 4 not fun with trying to post every day so I decided to cut back my Challenges.

I was not having fun with the 7 Toddler Challenge, it was hard an more like work then fun. I also found I was bored with the Tiny Living Challenge so it’s on hold for now. I might pick these up later but right now I find myself wanting to play Not So Berry, Disney Legacy an 100 Baby.

Monday – What I Want!
Tuesday – Not So Berry Challenge
Wed – What I Want!
Thursday – Disney Legacy Challenge
Friday- What I Want!
Saturday -What I Want!
Sunday – 100 Baby Challenge

My Finished S4 Challenges

BTP Apocalypse Challenge

Life N The Woods

On Hold S4 Challenges

Tiny Living Challenge

My Favourite Sims 4 YouTubers





The Sim Supply

My Favourite Twitch Streamers 




The Sims Supply

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