All of these Poems have already been published, so if you try and steal them, well sucks to be you an good luck with that.They are all very old, yes I have gotten better since the days of these Poems. I have not written any Poems since the last one on this page as I’ve turned my writing skills in another direction.



Your mind is muddled you’ve lost your way

I have no answer for the words you say

Why look to a future you cannot see?

Why not just live in your current, reality?

I have no negative thoughts of you

You’re a dark knight coming, yet are your words true?

If I am your Queen you are my King

We’ll build a world that makes dove’s sing

When I look forward I see only black

When I look backwards I’m not sure where I’m at

Have you come to heal my soul?

Is this your current goal?

When I close my eyes I’m not sure what I see

All I know is dreams can never be

For Life is not simple, easy or kind

It’s a continuous disaster of god’s grand design.


 Something Lost


I won’t hear your whispers in the dark
Nor feel your warmth, your touch, or see your heart
You won’t be there to chase away my shadows
You won’t be there to help me with my battles.

Now sitting here, thinking of you
I know I miss you but can only hope you miss me too
So much time has passed
yet still our friendship does last.

I wonder what someday might bring
I wonder if our words will ever truly sing
I know you’ll someday go away
However there’s nothing I can say.

Your heart and soul is not for me
Your place beside me will never be
So all I can do is grasp towards my dreams Whisper my whishes and maybe someday they’ll be seen.



I am tattered,
I am torn, scraped and worn
can’t you see what I want to be?
I want the right people to see the real me.

I am lonely, lost, so confused
Now that I’ve once more found you
my heart do a flip, a dance and turn
as a fire of longing once out, now begins to burn.

My life once so simple, so easy and fine
now seems to be a waste of my time
without you nothing seems to make sense
everything is now balanced on the fence.

Now I’m crashing, I’m falling, I feel a wave of pain
There is no longer anything to gain
You’re out of my reach, just not there
You’re a passing shadow, a whisper on the air.

What once was, what could have been
is lost to me, our chances long ago did end
I see this all, it’s so very clear,
this person I want, the things I wish to hear.


 The Seductive Dance

She dances her seductive dance by night
a fire burning casts an eerie light
Dark passion flames in her eyes of red
as she sings her haunting song of the dead.

The haunting melody echoes through the land
bringing forth a once silent death band
Cries of time long gone by is the only sound
then awaken the people of the ground.

They rise from the ground like a raging sea
the creatures of the night can now be free
they walks towards their mistress, their queen
And blazing eyes is all that can be seen.

Screams of the dead she has awakened
the living souls she has forsaken
Will you survive? Will you live?
Not if you have nothing to give.


 Distant Dreams

When you met me I was an empty shell
my spirit had been dead for a long spell
So much pain I had endured
Life meant nothing to me anymore.

You opened my heart, made me see
Life could become more to me
Now I know, and hold your hand
As you lead me to the promise land
A hand you gave sweetly to me
A hand that’s set me free.

A soul mate I see in you so clear
a beautiful love, a falling tear
a whisper of a dream, you’ve become to me
If only you weren’t so far across the sea.

But no matter the distance we are apart
you’ll always hold a place in my heart
and still in my dreams your lips will brush mine
and that simple kiss will stop all time.


 The Crossing

We dwell in thoughts of times long gone by
never really understanding why
So much emotion locked inside
So many voyages towards the other side.

A journey through the murky gates of time
a trip from this world to the other side
the spirits sway to and fro
to a melody of which unknown.

In this sea of darkness he dwells
His soul to the devil he will sell
So much hurt and anger he has inside
a cage he has made his own mind.

Ever dangerous are these traps we create,
Beyond the ebony threshold he shall wait,
There is known a sight of decay, a taste of lime,
A despair felt beyond mirrors, beyond time.


 The Game of Love

Tortured hearts and shattered souls
This is what my future holds
Forever I see for me, never-ending, lonely nights
Seeing this I no longer have any will to fight.

Dreams of mist that I built upon twilight
Are now blinded from my sight
So much pain we’ve endured, such a cruel game
Well I’ve lost again and wither in shame.

Sometimes I wonder if I’m meant to love
Sometimes I wonder if I’m cursed from above
They call me poison, they call me cold
How can this be so?

For every love I’ve ever had
my hearts been broken I’ve suffered so bad
is this game of love for me?
Should I go for this new love I see?

So many questions, so much confusion
I’m beginning to think love is but an illusion
I hope one day I’ll be free
to have a love who loves me, if love can really be.


Final Call

Mind spinning out of control
Thoughts and feelings burning in my soul
wondering how much more I can take before I take the fall.
Wondering what will be the final call.

Death right now would be so sweet
a bottle of sleeping pills would be clean and neat
to fall asleep and never wake
would be best for my sake.

I hate this world and all its ways
I pray every night for my final days
I’ve never felt so worthless in my life
Heck just give me a sharp knife.

Depression runs thick in my mind
Kill me now it’s my time
I think I’m done I’ve taken the fall
As I knew this was the final call.



 Drowning in a sea of despair
so deep in depression I no longer care
I want to die this very night
I fight my emotions with all my might.

I went for that new love I found
Screams of hurt are now the only sound
every night I cry my tears
Love I hate, men I fear.

So many broken hearts in my wake
When will this pain stop for god sake?
How much more can my heart handle?
My spirit was dying now it’s out like a candle.

They say being beautiful is so great
But they are wrong they have no idea of the hate.
I wish only for brains, to be smart
they’ve no idea of the pain and agony of so many broken hearts


Life’s Hell

Depression always seems to come my way
Actually it’s a main part of my every day
I sit alone writing this poem
A part of me wanting to break free and roam.
To roam across time and space
to roam to that secret place
the place where you all wait for me
to where my heart and soul can be free.
I come each day to the keep to see you all
I laugh, sing even give some of you a call
in my mind your are my friends
the people who can help me mend.
For in this world of violence and hate we need each other
as a child needs a mother or sister needs a brother
we all have problems, so much pain
we’ve all suffered so bad and had nothing to gain.
In this fantasy world we’ve made we can dream
we can sing, dance or be free it seems
we can escape life’s hell
Help each other get well.


Mr. Perfect

Frustration and anger burning in my veins
Tears secretly falling like fierce rain
Depression becoming my best friend
I wonder if my heart will ever mend.

Wanting so badly for death to come my way
wishing I could be perfect like everyone says
that feeling of being worthless is so clear
the darkness seems to always be near.

Next to him I feel alone
Like I’ll never be as perfect as he’s known
I see his perfect family, his life all set
And in my heart I wish we’d never met.

For I know I’ll never be good enough for him
I’m just some chick he fell for on a whim
He calls me lazy, tells me what to do
At times I feel like dirt on his shoe.

I know he doesn’t mean to hurt me so
I bet the pain he causes he doesn’t know
I wish he could see how he’s making me feel
For he’s killing my soul my pain is real.



I live my life each day
watching things go fates way
an empty world I live in
my path is littered with sin.
I fall in love
thinking it’s a blessing from above
but times change, a sweet love turns to hell
locking me back up in my shell.
Love seems to lock me up, throw out the key
Then it tries to take my sanity
It wounds my soul, turns out the lights
Leaving me with nothing but night.
Through it all they watch and wait
They don’t help, just attack awakening hate
They don’t understand, those so called perfect ones
Just rip me down, turn their backs and speak shuns.
And the day true love comes my way
Its hated, shunned, killed and despised
They care only about their morals
They don’t see my breaking heart, my sorrows.


 Alone Again

 Well our time together has ended
and still my heart has not mended
we went our separate ways
and I’ve not seen him in days.

Last I saw him he still loved me
Now it’s something I can’t see
He left me alone to cry my tears
He left me to fight my worst fears.

Everyday feels like my heart is breaking
I cry so hard I’m constantly shaking
No one is there to hold me tight
so I try to stop crying with all my might.

Love hurts way too much
it’s agony to not feel his touch
they say I’m better off alone
But I know this isn’t so.


 Breaking Up

He told me I was perfect for him
made me feel it was not love on a whim
Said I was beautiful and smart
and then left me to suffer a broken heart.

I ask myself what went wrong
I constantly sing out chosen song
I’m so confused I don’t understand
I feel like I’m sinking in quick sand.

Why did you leave me? What did I do?
I thought I meant everything to you!
I can’t bear this pain
I feel by living I’ll surly go insane.

I can’t sleep or eat
I feel so beat
so lost, alone and dead
Emotions won’t stop spinning in my head.

How to deal I don’t know
I can’t believe this is so
I thought we were forever, you a sure thing
and so I sit and wait for the phone to ring.



The time of sorrel has arrived
So I must continue to try and survive
All this fighting has taken its toll
And just when I started mending my soul

I’m sick of the users
The liars, cheaters and abusers
They say they love you but they don’t
You want to be held by them but they won’t

Why is this world so twisted?
Why my eyes are continually misted?
The tears won’t stop falling
my heart for another keeps calling

Is it such a crime to love?
I wish I could fly away free like a dove
so very far away from it all
to that place from which my destiny calls.


Love Lost

Well he’s dumped me
I knew it would soon be
Said I had all he was looking for
except the desire to succeed more.

Said he’d hope for something better to come along
now my hearts sings sorrel’s song
breaking up is hard to do
I hope it never happens to all of you.

I loved him so very much
I miss his loving touch
Though he hit me once or twice
He could also be truly nice.

My heart bleeds for him and I wonder if the pain will end.
If my soul’s agony will mend.
Wish I could feel nothing at all
wish I’d never made the last call.


A Simple Touch


A simple touch from you upon my skin drove me crazy
your scent all around me caused my mind to become hazy
Lost in a curtain of desire I always was when with you
At times I didn’t even know who.

But so much stood in our way
we couldn’t talk, so didn’t talk with each passing day
everyone knew it wasn’t meant to be
But stupidity wouldn’t let me see.

Now once more I am alone
my heart is broken and I write another poem
I became something I was not
without a second thought.

I surrendered my body, heart and soul
only to end up in but another dark hole
now I understand that no one will ever love me
I realize love is something I’ll never see.

And so I accept that fate
now feeling nothing but pain and hate
I am alone is this world, as it has always been
so forget society, people, life and men.



Does the world spin on lies?
Live off the pain of man, woman and child?
Is this the life we want for ourselves?
Too always be so depressed and hurt.

They hurt you; rip your existence to bits
Treat you like you’re the evil one the shamed, the crier
Then when the tables are turned on them
They pull the guilt trip, hurt you more

I wonder if all people are like that
I think you can’t paint them all the same
But after not one but many liars
You wonder if everyone is like that

I’ve come to learn this is love
To cause pain and suffering to everyone
To make them cry, make them hurt If that’s how love is I don’t want it and you shouldn’t either.


I Believe

Back to back this is how we lay
Neither one of us has anything to say
Nothing is as it used to be
You no longer even see me.

Your preference lies in your friends
our relationship should have long come to an end
we talk of marriage and a life together
however I know it will be never.

I’m tired of being cold
All I want is someone to hold
I want to be loved in that passionate way
I want to be happy with each passing day.

I believe in the fire, the spinning of my mind from just a kiss
I believe the electrical shock, the being missed
with love from one person to another, this to me
is how our love should be.


 Something Wonderful

A soft cry is heard clearly in the night
as a child is born into our sight
so beautiful is he, his eyes ice blue
my darling son this is you.

I remember holding you in my arms
These tears of happiness and alarm
This single, small, perfect dream
Finally something good has come to me.

I will hold you close, safe a warm
Protect you from any coming storm
you’ll be my hope, my life and love
Together we’ll make it through somehow.

You’ll be my anchor when times get tough
so special you are to me
I can’t believe such has come to be
Thank you god for my son.




Your touch upon my skin makes everything hazy
Your voice so husky and warm drives me crazy
That oh so perfect smile of yours
Makes me wonder about you more

This mystery that is you darling
Is oh so charming
I love how you touch and hold me
I love how you flirt and scold me

All of this and more
Is how I know our love is sure!
True you play to many games
Spend so much time doing everything the same

Yet this is how I found you and how you found me
Really I don’t think I’d change one, small thing
This man I love is the man I see
An nothing could be more perfect to me.

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