Last Store Venue – Amore

I take no credit for this Venue or it’s files I simply Downloaded them from MATTY and put them into a Zip Format for those who do not like MATTY or don’t know how to get it. It’s very simple, Download the Zip, Un-Zip it, drop the file called Objects into your Sims 3/Mods/Packages Folder and drop the file called Lot into your Sims 3/Library Folder and enjoy. I have not tested or done anything with this set as of yet but it should (cross our fingers) work fine.

Last Venue Of Amore

Flare Sims 4 Download

So the last few weeks I’ve been busy tracking down all 40 of my Flare Sims from my 100 Baby Challenge and re-doing them over with limited CC. I have found them all and I’m now in the process of taking Pictures and uploading them for Download. These Flare Sims only have two pieces of CC, that being a skin and hair which I’m also putting here for Download. This CC is safe and all you need to do is drop it into your Sims 3/Mods/Packages Folder for it to work in game. Some of them are using Store Clothing but if you need to you can replace it, I’ll be uploading them in groups of Five and in Alphabetical Order. They are also in .Sim Format so you simply need to un-zip the file and Copy/Paste it into your Sims 3/Saved Sims Folder and you’ll then find them in Create A Sim.


Name: Agate Flare

Race: Fairy

Age: Y/A

Status: Married

Sex: Male

Bio: Agate is the first son of Diamond Flare and was born in Sunset City at the start of my 100 Baby Challenge, once he grew into a YA he moved to Monte Vista and married Nicolett . Soon him and Nicole had two sons who they later named Damon an Dominic after Agate’s Uncle’s who were still in Jades at the time. Missing his family he and his wife left Monte Vista and settled back in Sunset City only later to move to Hidden Springs.

Agate, Nicole, Damon & Dominic

Agate & Family



Name: Amber Flare (Right)

Race: Fairy

Age: Y/A

Status: Single

Sex: Female

Bio: Amber is the second child born to Diamond Flare and is twin sister to Aqumarine Flare who is a Vampire. Amber was born in Sunset City as well and grew up with Agate who often looked out for his younger sister. Her birth was rather unique because she was born Fey like her mother while her sister was born Vampire like their Father. This birth is strange because Vampire’s tend to go crazy at the smell of Fey blood so it was a surprise Aqumarine didn’t eat Amber well still inside their mother. However when both girls were born they were born hugging one another and still hold a close, sisterly bond today. Despite the fact these twins are as different as night and day it never seems to get in the way of their sisterly love.


Name: Aqumarine Flare (Left)

Race: Vampire

Age: Y/A

Status: Single

Sex: Female

Bio: Often seen with her sister, Aqua is a dark, beautiful, seductive, Vampires who was born and raised in Sunset City as the third child of Diamond Flare. When Aqua hit Y/A she and Amber moved in with their Father and remained living in Sunset City until their Father’s unfortunate death. When their Father died the girls then packed up their lives and moved to Hidden Springs to help in the task of protecting their mother Diamond and any of their future siblings. At the current time it is unknown if they still live in Hidden Springs or if they’ve followed their Mother to Alpine County.

Aqumarine & Amber


Name: Azurite Flare (Left) African Jade Flare (Right)

Race: Witch

Age: Y/A

Status: Single

Sex: Female

Bio: Azurite is the forth child of Diamond Flare and twin sister to African Jade Flare, she and her sister were born and raised in Sunset City. At the age of Y/A both girls packed up and left Sunset City for Hidden Springs so they could have a small farm of sorts. After living most of their Y/A lives in Hidden Springs, for reasons not known to many the girls left and moved to Alpine County where they bought and settled in a small Farm, they live there still.

Azurite & African Jade




Old Mill Store Set

Hey all, I apologize for taking so long to get this set up, truth is I didn’t plan on uploading it at all because I found that when I turned this set into .package file that the Cucumbers and Corn didn’t work. They don’t show up in the Garden and even if you place them on your own there are no interactions with them. I tried to fix the issue however I had no luck and so I simply bought the set myself directly from the Store. Anyway despite knowing this a few people asked me if I could put the set up anyway so they could have the Items and I agreed that I would.

So in the below Zip your going to find three files, one is a Sims 3 Pack file which you can install with the Sims 3 Launcher, what I did with this file was I Downloaded my Old Mill Set that I bought from the Store, I then ran the file through the Sims 3 Compressorizer. With this File you simply need to double click it and the Launcher will Install it for you, now I can’t promise it will work. It might seem like the file installs but when you go to load the game the objects may not be there, this is what it did to me. An then it might work just fine for you so you’ll have to test it and see.

If the Sims 3 Pack file doesn’t work I’ve also included the Old Mill Set as a .package file, you can take this file and copy it into your C://Users/User Name/My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/ Mods/Packages and paste it. This will for sure give you all the Objects in the Old Mill Set in your game and the Cannery, Tea Set should work just fine, however the Corn and Cucumbers may not work for you since they didn’t for me but at least you’ll have all the Old Mill Set Objects.

Now the last file in the Zip is the Old Mill Set Lot and this will work fine, you just need to copy and paste it into your C://Users/User Name/My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/ Library folder and you’ll have it in game.

Good luck and I hope everything works fine for you, I would also suggest you use Nona Mena’s CCMerged, all directions on what to do with it can be found there as well

Old Mill Set Zip

World Of Wonder Store Set Fixed

Sorry for putting up the wrong Lot file, I have once more got the WW set Download, run it through the compressorizer, turned it into a .package file, Zipped it and re-uploaded it. Please Download it again and let me know if it’s ok.

If you can’t get my sets to work for one reason or another you can also find them Here Page 1 to 27, this is where I get my Downloads and do everything needed to make them .package files.


You can also find store stuff Here and all kinds of help and information on the game, patches, errors Etc.


WW Set









The Now & Then Century Manor

Hey all today I have for you the newest store set called the The Now & Then Century Manor in .package files and I have played with this set a little bit.

Now & Then Manor

Same thing applies to this as does all my Store Content, drop the  Now an Then Manor 1, Now an Then Manor 2 files into your Sism 3 Library folder and drop the Store Now an Then Manor Objects into your Mods/.package folder and enjoy.

Sims 3 Store Content Fix

So for the first time tonight I tested out the Bakery Set and found there was no interactions for the Bakery Stove an so I went looking for a Fix. Nona’s CCMerged didn’t work and KT is no longer updating her/his store fixes. However I did find a Fix and now my Bakery Set and all other store items are working just fine. So download this Zip file with the updated store fixes in it then follow the directions below.


==> If you’re using .Sims3Pack files:

1. Place “ccmerged.package”, “StoreFix_DecrapFixes.package”, “StoreFix_DecrapFixes_TEMP.package”,
“StoreFix_Fixes.package” and “XMLs.package” in: (My) Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages\.
2. Open (My) Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\DCBackup\ and find a .package file called “ccmerged.package”.
If it’s not there, unrar “ccmerged.package” from this .rar file and place the .package file in this folder.


==> If you’re using .package files:

1. Place “StoreFix_DecrapFixes.package”, “StoreFix_DecrapFixes_TEMP.package”, “StoreFix_Fixes.package” and
“XMLs.package” in: (My) Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Overrides\.
2. Place “ccmerged.package” in: (My) Documents\Electronic Arts\The Sims 3\Mods\Packages\

==> If you’re using store content in “.Sims3Pack” as well as “.package” format, use both sets of instructions


Also for future store fixes, updated store fixes, store content and lots of other great, helpful stuff check out this site Games4TheWorld


Sims 3 Store Bakery Set

Here is the Sims 3 Bakery Set, I was pretty excited when I heard about it an can’t wait to try it myself, you can bake and sell things your Sim cooks and make money off them. This whole set has new recipes and works with the Bohemian Garden Set. I have not tried it in my game yet, as soon as I got it I ran it through the proper programs, put it into .package format and uploaded it. Love to see some images and such of what you all do with it, I’ll be sure to add images later.

There is two files in the Zip. One is Sims 3 Bakery Lot and the other is Sims 3 Bakery Objects. Put the Lot into your Sims 3 Library and the Object file into your Mods/.packages folder and give it a shot, also be sure to have KT Store Fixes and Nona’s CCMerged.


Sims 3 Store Bakery Set


NOTE: After testing the set I found I had no interactions when trying to use it in my game, so I went on the hunt for a fix and was lucky enough to find one. Follow all the steps on this Page if you find after you install my files that you can’t get the set to work as I did. Also you can Download all this stuff at Games4The World and install it as Sims 3 Packs if my files don’t work.

New Store Sets For You!

Yes I know it took me a bit to get it ready for you guys but here is the Villa Paraíso and The Bohemian Garden Set for you guys in .package form. So you place Store Bohemian Garden Package file into your C://My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/Packages Folder as well as the Store SV Objects. Then you place the Store SV Res Lot into your  C://My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Library folder an delete your cache files an load the game. I could not get the SV Res Lot to work in my game and I don’t know why but I hope it works for you.







Prism Art Studio, Last Prom Store Set

Hey guys, so I saw that my site traffic has gone up to about 40 Views an hour, thank you so much for that I really appreciate that and hope it keeps up. So today I have the new Prism Art Studio Set for you and the Last Prom Set, I have both working in my game so I hope they work for you.

In the Prism Art Studio Zip there are two files, one is Objects and one is the Lot, both are named as such so you take the Prism Art Studio Objects file and place it in your C://Users/User Name/My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Mods/.package folder, you also do this for the Last Prom Store Set. You then take the Prism Art Studio Lot and place it in your C://Users/User Name/My Documents/Electronic Arts/The Sims 3/Library folder, then load the game and have fun. Hope you all enjoy the set as much as I am and have fun.

Prism Art Studio Store Set 

Last Prom Store Set 

Problems, Problems, Problems…

So I’ve been trying for three days to get Sims 3 to work so I can update my 100 Baby Challenge but I’m not having any luck at all. I’ve tried creating a fresh Sims 3 Folder but when I load the game and go into options to change the settings my game crashes and my Laptop turns of, this is with CC and without.

I’ve tried running Sims 3 on my husband’s desktop and it loads but any save file I select be it a fresh made one or old one crashes with an unexpected error to the desktop. Sometimes I can get into the game and play, save the file and exit but when I try to reload that save I again get an unexpected error and desktop crash. I’ve updated my drivers, I’ve reinstalled a fresh copy of Sims 3 on my husbands desktop and still the game crashes. I used to be able to play on my husbands desktop with no problem at all for hours on end, my husbands desktop is my old computer which was bought with Sims 3 in mind, now it just crashes, the vidi card runs it on all low settings where before it ran it on all high settings. I’ve tried adjusting the video settings from Medium to Low and still it crashes.

When I bought my Laptop I researched for months for a good Laptop that could run Sims 3, one with all specs above what is recommended to run Sims 3. For months my Laptop ran Sims 3 in the most beautiful way, it took all my mods, the graphics were crisp and clear now it just crashes and turns off my Laptop. Nothing has changed on my Laptop or in my Sims 3 with my mods, settings etc and still the crash. Last night I did a wipe and reinstall of my Laptop returning it to factory settings because out of the box it ran Sims 3 great. I’m currently reinstalling Sims 3 now as a last resort on my Laptop to see if this fixes my issue, if it does not I’ll have to say goodbye to Sims 3 forever and I refuse to buy Sims 4.

I’ve cried many tears the last two days, I love Sims 3, I’ve played Sims since it first hit the stores way back with Sims 1, I have a long history with Sims, I have many friends on the Sims 3 Forum as well as other places. I love the community, I love the game and the thought of not being able to ever play it again makes it really hard for me. I know it’s silly, it’s just a game you know and I’m sure my tears are silly to.

However I’m sad, I know it’s just a game but when I was feeling blue all I needed was an hour of Sims 3 to make me laugh or to read a story or two, I’m not sure what I’ll do now. I don’t like many games, Sims 3 and Minecraft are all I really like but even Minecraft has gotten boring.

Anyway I’m telling you this because I’m not putting much faith in the fact that reinstalling my OS  on my Laptop and then Sims 3 is going to solve my issue. If it does not my 100 Baby Challenge will be canceled, I’ll no longer upload store content but will leave everything there that is there now and it will be goodbye to Sims 3 forever. I also wanted to let my readers and followers know why I’ve not updated my story lately and what’s been going on.