Cupquake’s Oasis An Attack of the B-Team

As many of you know I enjoy Minecraft as well as Sims 3 and recently a new Modpack called Attack of the B-Team was released on the Technic Launcher. Also around the same time Cupquake finished Season 1 of her Minecraft Oasis Series which she worked on for over a year and reached Episod 186 . She then put out her Minecraft Oasis  World out to the public to Download and use. So I took her save which was 1.52 and placed it into the Attack of the B-Team saves folder and began working on her Oasis and fixing it up using the Mods from that Modpack.  I also put in three extra Mods to give the world a bit more flare, those Mods were Mo’s Creatures, MCA, Pam’s Wee Flowers. Below I’m going to share images of the Before and After results of what I’ve done so far, since I can’t yet upload to YouTube here will have to do.



javaw 2014-05-12 16-59-45-22


After (I removed the cobble and replaced it with a tree so it looked like a big tree.)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-08-14-11



javaw 2014-05-12 16-59-59-21


javaw 2014-05-12 17-10-29-90

Before (This is the place Cupquake started building her Oasis in)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-00-16-06

After ( I put it to use)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-10-33-67

Before (This was the hall where she planned to display all her heads)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-00-28-09



javaw 2014-05-12 17-10-16-87

Before (This was the room at the end of the above hall, she had not found a use for it yet)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-00-33-20

After (I made it the Armory)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-10-21-82

Before (This was her Kitchen/Dinning Room/Aquarium area)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-00-47-50

javaw 2014-05-12 17-00-45-30



javaw 2014-05-12 17-08-26-38

javaw 2014-05-12 17-08-31-57

javaw 2014-05-12 17-08-35-24

javaw 2014-05-12 17-08-38-30



Before (Her Cat Room)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-01-03-64

javaw 2014-05-12 17-01-09-04

After ( I split it into two rooms and made one a Den/T.V Room)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-08-49-56


An the other the Cat Room

javaw 2014-05-12 17-08-55-71

javaw 2014-05-12 17-08-59-68


Before ( Hall Leading Upstairs to her Kids Bedrooms)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-00-55-19

javaw 2014-05-12 17-09-11-64

Before (Upstairs hall)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-01-20-73



javaw 2014-05-12 17-10-33-67

Before (Kids Bedrooms)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-01-25-65

javaw 2014-05-12 17-01-31-44

javaw 2014-05-12 17-01-39-67

javaw 2014-05-12 17-01-45-80

After ( I have three kids myself)


Jacob’s Bedroom

javaw 2014-05-12 17-09-18-73


Nate’s Bedroom

javaw 2014-05-12 17-09-25-13


Conrad’s Bedroom

javaw 2014-05-12 17-09-30-93


Extra Bedroom

javaw 2014-05-12 17-09-35-22


Before (Out the side door and down towards where Cupquake kept her Mo Creature Snakes)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-02-01-25


javaw 2014-05-12 17-09-52-21

(To her Oasis behind the Waterfall)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-11-48-26

Before (Cupquake’s Hidden Oasis)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-03-52-99


javaw 2014-05-12 17-12-01-17


Before (Where Cupquake kept her pet Snakes)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-03-25-52

After ( I turned it into a place for Witchery and will put Snakes in it later)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-11-07-04

javaw 2014-05-12 17-11-18-16

javaw 2014-05-12 17-11-22-07

javaw 2014-05-12 17-11-23-17


javaw 2014-05-12 17-11-30-08

Before ( Cupquake’s  rooftop Garden)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-04-57-04

javaw 2014-05-12 17-05-05-60


javaw 2014-05-12 17-13-16-08

javaw 2014-05-12 17-13-23-35

javaw 2014-05-12 17-13-27-62

Before (Cupquake’s glassed in, rooftop Garden)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-05-12-52


javaw 2014-05-12 17-13-34-64

Before ( Cupquake’s Potion Room)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-04-33-84

javaw 2014-05-12 17-04-38-88


javaw 2014-05-12 17-08-01-32

javaw 2014-05-12 17-08-05-86

Before ( Cupquake’s Bedroom)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-04-48-01


javaw 2014-05-12 17-13-08-17

Before (Front Patio)

javaw 2014-05-12 17-15-02-16



javaw 2014-05-12 17-34-08-44


This is what I’ve done so far, though I am still working on things but the Oasis is looking really good with the Attack of the B Team Modpack. I’m trying to keep it close to the original build and just add Decor, I also try an Decor it in ways I think Cupquake might like. I’m having a lot of fun and learning a lot about the Mods in this Modpack, I’m also really, loving Witchery. I tried to get some other Mods to work but I couldn’t seem to get the ID’s right so I settled for the three I listed.

Pokemon, Pixelmon, Minecraft Oh My…


Hey all, as many of you know I’m a huge fan of Minecraft and though I’ve never said anything I really like Pokemon as well. Anyway some very talented creators, also known as people who Mod Minecraft, created a Minecraft mod called Pixelmon. Pixelmon is Pokemon in Minecraft and right now Pixelmon has put all the Gen 1 Pokemon into Pixelmon and some Gen 2. It also has the Pc for storing Pokemon, the Pokemon healer, several of the fossils, evolution stones and much, much more.

So several Minecraft players have made servers to play Pixelmon on, some of the servers are good and some are bad. I searched for over a week for a good server to play Pixelmon on because I wanted to play with people, battle other trainers and get as close to the real Pokemon as I could, in my travels I found Aqucraft. Aquacraft is an amazing server, there is people on all the time to trade with you, help you, battle you Etc. It also has a Market where you can buy things, the Wild where you can catch Pokemon and build your very, own house. It made all the towns starting from Pallet and going on, it has E4 as well as Gyms, Gym Leaders and badges.

It offers donation gifts if you like that sort of thing to help you out and it has the rare Pokemon spawn at random for you to catch. It holds events every weekend as well as drop parties for you to get some cool, rare things. It’s Mods, Admins and Owners are on everyday to help you, talk to you Etc. If you need them and if they are not on someone is ready to help you. If you like Pokemon, Minecraft, People and Community I would suggest you try out this server, you will not regret it. Below are a few images that I took of my home, Pokemon and other things on this server so you can have an idea of what it’s like.









If you decide to try out this amazing server drop me a line, I’m Illyianna/Lady Pink, see you there.

Illyianna’s Minecraft 1.5.2 Modpack

This is my first Minecraft Modpack that I spent a long time putting together, adding, removing and testing Mods in until I found, what I feel is the best Minecraft Modpack. This Modpack has over 100 Mods all working and running smoothly together that offer you a tone of things to do. I’ve been playing this pack for several months and it’s never crashed or anything.

With this pack you can find, tame and ride 9 types of Dragons, you can breed horses and get various, special types of horses, It offers custom Biomes and a custom Nether.

You can find and make your own Dino Park as well as various types of armor to help you a long until you can get Diamond Armor. It offers all kinds of animals and sounds to your world as well which also gives you lot’s to do. It also offers two, separate realms from the Nether, one where you can get Wyverns and another that’s a paradise type realm for you to explore. It offers new Mobs to fight and teleporters for you to travel around with. I hope you like this pack as much as me. It also offers tones of foods and flowers for you to make and your hunger will go down faster with this pack then it does in Vanilla Minecraft.

I take no credit for any of the Mods in this pack, all credit goes to the Mod creators, all I did was change a few ID’s so all the items would work together, to see all the Mod’s in this pack you can look Here an to see images of my game well I played this pack you can look Here

I also included in this Modpack all Mods currently used by IhasCupquake in here Minecraft Oasis Series, you can check her out here

Download-  Illyianna’s Modpack


1) Download the Modpack

2) Download Forge and make sure it’s Latest 1.5.2 Universial

3) Follow this guide on how to install Forge

4) Load Minecraft, you should now see a Mods option now once you load it, if you do close Minecraft

4) Unzip Illyianna’s Modpack with WinRAR/WinZip

5) Inside you will find four files

6) config, coremods, mods, fni realistic rpg

5) Click Start on your computer

6) Type in the search box %AppData%

7) Open the Roaming folder

8) Open the .minecraft folder

9) Copy and replace your config folder in here with mine

10) Copy and paste my mods folder over your mods folder

11) Copy and paste my coremods folder over your coremods folder

12) Copy the FNI Realistic RPG into your texture folder

13) Close all that

14) Load Minecraft, make a new world and you sould see various new creatures and such right away

15) Enjoy!

Minecraft House Behind Waterfall

This is the house I’ve been building, all of this was done in Survival Mod with all the Mods listed on my Minecraft Mods Page. I play mostly in single player now so I can use all my Mods because Minecraft is just not the same with no Mods.

java 2013-07-02 00-42-10-03

java 2013-07-02 00-42-14-69

java 2013-07-02 00-42-25-39

java 2013-07-02 00-42-38-40

java 2013-07-02 00-42-50-15

java 2013-07-02 00-43-07-18

java 2013-07-02 00-43-25-52

java 2013-07-02 00-43-30-26

java 2013-07-02 00-43-40-21

java 2013-07-02 00-43-49-21

java 2013-07-02 00-43-56-29

java 2013-07-02 00-44-15-57

java 2013-07-02 00-44-21-23

java 2013-07-02 00-44-29-55

java 2013-07-02 00-44-38-99

java 2013-07-02 01-29-57-66

I’ve done more work on my house lately, expanded it, placed some portals and an indoor Garden, here are a few more amazing Minecraft images.

java 2013-07-02 14-23-46-37

java 2013-07-02 21-26-52-89

java 2013-07-07 15-57-26-27

java 2013-07-07 15-57-48-45

My indoor fish floor 🙂

java 2013-07-07 23-22-19-03

java 2013-07-07 23-44-59-35


java 2013-07-07 23-46-03-01

java 2013-07-10 17-43-16-07

July 25, 2013

java 2013-07-25 18-18-22-04

java 2013-07-25 18-19-27-07

java 2013-07-25 18-20-04-08

java 2013-07-25 18-20-30-32

java 2013-07-25 18-20-46-02

java 2013-07-25 18-21-18-54

java 2013-07-25 18-21-29-51

java 2013-07-25 18-51-31-25

java 2013-07-25 18-51-44-60

java 2013-07-25 18-52-04-32

java 2013-07-25 18-52-37-32

java 2013-07-25 18-55-46-18

java 2013-07-25 18-56-17-60

java 2013-07-25 18-56-21-51

java 2013-07-25 18-58-31-65

java 2013-07-25 18-58-52-86

java 2013-07-25 18-59-24-73

java 2013-07-25 19-00-00-71

Minecraft Mods

I have been a busy bee in Minecraft 1.5.2, I’ve been trying out servers and I discovered Mods for it as well, I plan to put more pictures up soon of my current building project, a house behind a Waterfall. I also learned how to make my own Minecraft Server for me an the kids to play on.

Right now I’m running 115 Mods in my Minecraft, try that with Sims 3 and it would crash. Below, for those who like Mods and Minecraft is a list of the Mods I am running and are working fine. I did have to do some of the item ID’s over but it was not too bad and I did not mind doing it. If you want the Config Files so you can also run these Mod’s let me know and I’ll try to upload them when I can. Also I don’t like messing with the minecraft.jar so the only Mod from the list below in the Jar is Forge, everything else just goes into your Mods folder in the .minecraft folder,

Pam’s Harvest Craft

Pam’s Melon Spawn

Pam’s Clay Spawn

Pam’s Get All Seeds

Pam’s Simple Recipes

Mo’s Creatures

Biomes O Plenty

Jammy Furniture Mod

Not Enough Items

Familiars API


Coral Reef Mod

Dr Zhark’s Custom Spawner

Fossil Archelogy

Default Mob Pack

Extended Familiars Pack

Herobrine  Familiar Pack

Fireplace Mod

Gems Plus

Mr Crayfish’s Furniture Mod

Minecraft Comes Alive

More Glowstone Mod

MAtmos Mod for Minecraft


Inventory Tweaks

Back Tools

RPG Inventory Mod

Painters Flowerpots

Damage Indicators

Biblio Craft

Hunger Overhaul

Hit Splat Damage

Mob Dismemberment

Grimorie Of Gaia 2

Rei MiniMap

Grave Stone


Still having a great time in Minecraft and I’m now playing 1.6.2, so below is a list of my 1.6.2 Mods if anyone is interested.

Pam’s Harvest Craft

Pam’s Melon Spawn

Pam’s Clay Spawn

Pam’s Get All Seeds

Pam’s Simple Recipes

Pam’s Mod Drop Crops

Mo’s Creatures

Biomes O Plenty

Jammy Furniture Mod

Not Enough Items

Familiars API


Coral Reef Mod

Dr Zhark’s Custom Spawner

Default Mob Pack

Extended Familiars Pack

Herobrine  Familiar Pack

Fireplace Mod

Gems Plus

Mr Crayfish’s Furniture Mod

Minecraft Comes Alive

Inventory Tweaks

Back Tools

RPG Inventory Mod

Painters Flowerpots

Damage Indicators

Biblio Craft

Biblio Wood

Hunger Overhaul

Hit Splat Damage

Mob Dismemberment

Mists of RioV

RioV Expansion Pack Valis

RioV Expansion Pack Paladin


The Ether

Butterfly Mania

Inventory Saver


TF2 Teleporter

Underground Bioms

Zan’s Minimap

Twilight Forest

No More Recipe Conflict – Unknown

I did have to modify the config to get all these Mod’ working well together, you can get the config Here