Chapter 43 – Epilogue

I decided that I no longer want to do stories for Sims 3, my reason for this is my stories use CC and recently, due to lag and the loss of a very, old, Save I had to dump all my CC and reduce my Mod’s from 8 GB down to 3 GB. Now I no longer have the Mod’s I want to so my stories lack in their realistic aspect. Also few people read my stories and with Sims 4 out it seems a lot of people have moved to Sims 4 even though it sucks in my opinion. I also just want to play the game. However I also thought I should give an update/ending on Diamond and where things went in her story.

If you remember her story you know that a few Chapters back she lost her ability to have children, due to a curse placed on her by one of her baby daddy’s who was a Witch.




After she was hit by the curse she took her daughters and moved to Hidden Springs where she could be protected by various member’s of her family until the girls grew up.



Well in Hidden Springs she was called to a meeting with the Council of Seven, the Council consisted of all the Prince and Princesses as well as her brother’s King Damon and King Dominic from of her home planet Jades.

King Damon/Inner Jades Kingdom


King Dominick/Sapphire Sky Kingdom




Princess Elisabeth Moon/Jade Kingdom


Princess Amethyst Satsuma/Amber Kingdom


Princess Charity Martin/Coral Kingdom/One in Pink/Red

Princess Chastity Martin/Coral Kingdom/ One in Blue




Princess Illyianna/Golden Topaz Kingdom


Prince Conrad/Aquamarine Kingdom


Prince Jacob/Aquamarine Kingdom


When she went before them Turquoise was by her side, Turquoise had recently lost her Husband to a freak accident and her children were now all grown and move out. Needless to say the council was not impressed that Diamond could no longer continue her 100 Baby Challenge as there was still 60 kids to go. Diamond explained she had gone to see the Grim Reaper for help and he couldn’t even help.


She had also gone to see Lilith the daughter of Asmodeus for help but Lilith also could not help, just then Turquoise spoke to the council.


” I will take over the 100 Baby Challenge and produce the last 60 kids required to re-populate Jades, my Husband is gone and my kids are grown and I always wanted to help Diamond when she was doing her part. She produced 40 lovely children but it was a struggle for her, she often suffered depression, fell in love to easy or felt bad for the Father’s because she’s a kind, gentle soul. I know she would like nothing more then to finish her part but since she can’t I suggest we set her free, let her go, live her life and I will take over.”

Diamond could hardly believe that her sister wished this for herself but looking at Turquoise she could tell it was something her twin truly wanted “I agree, the blood in her veins as well as the power is identical to mine, she is just as worthy if not more to do this. I ask you let me be, I wish to step down as Queen, pass the title on to her and live the life I never got to live.”


To both girls surprise the council agreed to their request, soon after Diamond left and headed to Riverview where she settled so she could be close to her daughter’s Opal an Topaz and that was the last anyone heard of her.


Turquoise was sent to the location of where New Jade’s would begin by the council, it was a lovely, tropical Island called Isla Jades and it was home to various, Jaden Families. It had been built using a combination of Jaden technology and Earth technology. On her first day there Turquoise decided to explore her new home.

Turquoise’s House (By GreenCats)


Path of Portal’s (Each Portal Leads To A Place In Old Jade’s)



Local Fair (No one to have a eating contest with)






A Tan



Local Bistro (By GreenCats)







The Perc (By TheNay)






HEARTH (ByGreenCats)





After spending the day exploring some of the Isla she returned home to rest and get ready for her part in the 100 Baby Challenge


(P.S. I will be posting each baby born on the main page and pictures of them an their father but the story ends here..)

Flare Sims 4 Download

So the last few weeks I’ve been busy tracking down all 40 of my Flare Sims from my 100 Baby Challenge and re-doing them over with limited CC. I have found them all and I’m now in the process of taking Pictures and uploading them for Download. These Flare Sims only have two pieces of CC, that being a skin and hair which I’m also putting here for Download. This CC is safe and all you need to do is drop it into your Sims 3/Mods/Packages Folder for it to work in game. Some of them are using Store Clothing but if you need to you can replace it, I’ll be uploading them in groups of Five and in Alphabetical Order. They are also in .Sim Format so you simply need to un-zip the file and Copy/Paste it into your Sims 3/Saved Sims Folder and you’ll then find them in Create A Sim.


Name: Agate Flare

Race: Fairy

Age: Y/A

Status: Married

Sex: Male

Bio: Agate is the first son of Diamond Flare and was born in Sunset City at the start of my 100 Baby Challenge, once he grew into a YA he moved to Monte Vista and married Nicolett . Soon him and Nicole had two sons who they later named Damon an Dominic after Agate’s Uncle’s who were still in Jades at the time. Missing his family he and his wife left Monte Vista and settled back in Sunset City only later to move to Hidden Springs.

Agate, Nicole, Damon & Dominic

Agate & Family



Name: Amber Flare (Right)

Race: Fairy

Age: Y/A

Status: Single

Sex: Female

Bio: Amber is the second child born to Diamond Flare and is twin sister to Aqumarine Flare who is a Vampire. Amber was born in Sunset City as well and grew up with Agate who often looked out for his younger sister. Her birth was rather unique because she was born Fey like her mother while her sister was born Vampire like their Father. This birth is strange because Vampire’s tend to go crazy at the smell of Fey blood so it was a surprise Aqumarine didn’t eat Amber well still inside their mother. However when both girls were born they were born hugging one another and still hold a close, sisterly bond today. Despite the fact these twins are as different as night and day it never seems to get in the way of their sisterly love.


Name: Aqumarine Flare (Left)

Race: Vampire

Age: Y/A

Status: Single

Sex: Female

Bio: Often seen with her sister, Aqua is a dark, beautiful, seductive, Vampires who was born and raised in Sunset City as the third child of Diamond Flare. When Aqua hit Y/A she and Amber moved in with their Father and remained living in Sunset City until their Father’s unfortunate death. When their Father died the girls then packed up their lives and moved to Hidden Springs to help in the task of protecting their mother Diamond and any of their future siblings. At the current time it is unknown if they still live in Hidden Springs or if they’ve followed their Mother to Alpine County.

Aqumarine & Amber


Name: Azurite Flare (Left) African Jade Flare (Right)

Race: Witch

Age: Y/A

Status: Single

Sex: Female

Bio: Azurite is the forth child of Diamond Flare and twin sister to African Jade Flare, she and her sister were born and raised in Sunset City. At the age of Y/A both girls packed up and left Sunset City for Hidden Springs so they could have a small farm of sorts. After living most of their Y/A lives in Hidden Springs, for reasons not known to many the girls left and moved to Alpine County where they bought and settled in a small Farm, they live there still.

Azurite & African Jade




Chapter 42 – Unity Part 2 (The End)

Note: I’ve decided as of late, for several reasons, that I no longer wish to keep doing this 100 Baby Challenge. So this will be Diamond’s last Chapter, I will miss my Flare Sims but I feel it is time to start fresh with something new. Maybe in the future, if I feel up to it I may do a follow up on what happened and where Diamond ended up, but right now I just want it over. So this Chapter will be my last, I’ve come up with a way to end the story in a logical, story fashion.


We passed the days doing various things in Hidden Springs, well I waited for all 40 members of my family to arrive, with their families and settle in Hidden Springs. My last, two girls grew into children and tried catching fireflies for the first time.



Jeff went to visit the new park down the way, he milked a cow for the first time in his life and enjoyed the fruits of his labor after.



My twins became very interested in dancing and would practice together often




When they  felt they had it down and had learned enough moves they would call all of us into the living room and put on a dance. I enjoyed watching them dance, sing, catch fireflies, play with the dog because it was something I’d never done with my past children







I also started to exercise  more and jog a bit


One day, when I worked up enough courage, I decided to go to the HS Graveyard to see if perhaps the Grim Reaper could help fix my issue and inability to produce more children




He said he would try and was apparently a huge supporter of 100 Baby Mothers, though I new not why





Sadly it did not work and was concluded the even the giver of life and death could not break this curse, only the warlock who had cast it could break it


I realized then that my challenge was over, my time was up, Vaughan would not remove the curse and there was nothing more I could do. I would have to accept my fate and report to the council about my failure. I struggled with this, yet at the same time I felt free, for once I could enjoy life, maybe get married who new what the future held for me. My challenge had been a lonely one and though I had suffered so had my children and all the fathers of my children who had loved me and wished to be with me.  Yet despite it all I was looking forward to my future because soon my whole family would be here, and with my family by my side I needed nothing else.

Chapter 41 – Unity Part 1

(Note: I do not have the perfect images for every action in this story due to switching to a new computer and loosing saves, use your imagination. However I do think I tied it together in a decent enough way and as the story goes on I will explain everything the best I can.)


After Vaughan had come by the previous day and cursed me, I was not sure what to do. All I really new for sure was that I no longer wished to stay in Cape Garner Islands with the girls, giving him free access to not only me but our girls as well. So I picked up my cell and began making calls to my various family members to see if any of them had a suggestion for a safe place I could go with the girls. Since Witches had tracking spells I really had no idea if such a place existed or not, but I new if it did someone in my family would know.



After calling Jeff and Turquoise in Aurora Skies, Kaif in Hidden Springs, Fenton in Dragon Valley, Agate in Sunset City and Glass in Evansdale it was decided that Hidden Springs would be best for the girls an I. It was a quiet Valley, thick with Magic and home to several Occult Creatures like myself. It was safe and only a few people new that it even existed.

It was decided that the girls and I would leave immediately the next morning, Kaif and our daughter Fuschite would meet the girls and I once we arrived. I fell asleep that night feeling somewhat more calm then I had since the whole situation had started. Yet despite the calm my heart felt heavy as if the burden of the World’s had been placed on my shoulders, I felt as if I had lost a part of myself somewhere a long the way.

When I woke the next morning I found myself feeling numb, strange, as if something had changed within me well I rested, yet I new not what it might be. I stumbled out of bed to get ready for the day and this is what greeted me within the glass of my bathroom mirror.


Something had changed inside me or something dark had taken root, my once beautiful, white wings were black now, as was my hair and clothing. I still had the famous Flare golden eyes but everything else was strange. I looked at this strange creature in the mirror and she looked back, I tried to change my wing color, as Queen of Fey I had long ago gotten this ability, but nothing changed. It appeared I was stuck like this for now as I heard the morning laughter of my daughters I quickly left my room to make sure they were both ok.


I happened upon them in the Garden after searching the nursery and house. It looked like since they were Witch’s they possessed the new ability to teleport out of their cribs and outside. This worried me a bit, I had seen them conjure and make toys disappear before but never anything like this, then again they were growing, perhaps their magic would grow with them, I would have to ask a Witch more about this I decided.


Despite all the things that had happened both girls looked just fine as I scooped them up and carried them to the car. I had no plans to take anything with me because Kaif would have all we needed in Hidden Springs. Once they were settled in with their car seats and some of their favourite toys we headed for the road leading to Hidden Springs. We drove a long time, the twins slept most of the trip, perhaps a good thing then maybe not because it meant they would be awake all night.

We arrived in Hidden Springs in the late afternoon, it was a lovely little town. Due to the small size of the town and the fact that I had arrived sooner then I thought I easily found the address which Kaif had mentioned on the phone. Outside I noticed a young woman, she looked to be tending the Garden, as I drove closer I saw it was Fuschite.



She had grown into a beautiful, young girl as I climbed out of the car and waved hello. She looked confused for a moment then slowly recognition came over her face as she yelled for her father. Soon Kaif came out and another man as well, my eyes widened in surprise when I saw Jeff, I didn’t realize until that moment how much I had missed him. Fuschite and Kaif each took one of the twins into the house while Jeff and I took their toys and other things as well. Once we got inside and the twins were put down and their toys as well I showed Jeff how much I had missed him.


Both men were surprised  about the change in me as well as everything that had happened, though Jeff seemed to like me just fine no matter how I looked. We all spent the day settling in and catching up with one another.

We sang…



We ate…


Things seemed to be falling into order, I felt safe here with Jeff and Kaif and I could also feel the magic all around me, this place was indeed a magical place. Yet my surprise did not end there as the phone rang off the hook all day. Every time it rang Kaif or Jeff would quickly grab it and I began to suspect something might be up, yet I was not sure what.

Once I got the twins to bed and Fuschite I cornered both Jeff and Kaif and demanded they spill on what was going on, why was the phone ringing all day, who on earth would be calling so much? I could tell they didn’t want to tell me however when it was clear they were not going anywhere until they spilled they gave up and told me.

Jeff ” Were not the only ones you know here in Hidden Springs, when we heard what happened with Vaughan we thought it best to alert the rest of your family encase he tried anything on them.”

Kaif bit his lower lip ” However when we told them word spread, soon all your family new and several of them, if not all have decided they’re moving to Hidden Springs, safety in numbers they said, Unity of family.”

I was stunned, no shocked, I could not believe all my family was coming here to Hidden Springs, would they all fit? I had a lot of kids who also had kids, I did not even know how many Grandkids I had yet as I quickly sat down before my legs gave.

Jeff ” Anyway Datolite and Diopside have arrived with both their families and are settling into their new house.

Datolite Flare Family

Diopside Flare Family

Kaif ” Also Ekanite has arrived, he’s single but found a nice little house to settle, Eudialyte and his wife Shasta who are expecting their first baby arrived as well.”


Euda & Shasta

Jeff ” Agate is on his way with his family from Sunset City, our girls, Turquoise and her family are coming from Aurora Skies, Clinohumite and Charoite are coming from Lucky Palms, Calcite and Carnelian are returning from Bellatrix,  Fenton Mithrilen and your girls from Dragon Valley are also moving here.”

Kaif ” Demantoid and Dioptase are also coming from Aurora Skies with their families, Glass and your family are coming from Evansdale and more are moving here as well but were not sure if they left yet or not. You’ll be safe here and so will our family, your family is our family now Diamond.”

I was so happy I started to cry, most of my babies in one place, all my Grandchildren in one place, this was something I never thought was possible but it was happening, Vaughan may have taken my ability to have children away from me but one thing he could not take was my family and the Unity of it, perhaps things would be ok after all.

State of my 100 Baby Challenge!

Hey guys, so I’ve been working hard on updating everything for my 100 Baby Challenge, however I have noticed that not many people read it much anymore. I was wondering if you guys might want to share some ideas with me on your thoughts about Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge. Let me know is it boring? Is it confusing? What does it need to make it more interesting? Tell me what your thoughts are on Diamond, Jades Etc. I have some stuff coming up for it soon and I’ve been thinking of starting a new story called Life Of A Nobody as well, right now I am just getting stuff ready for it as well. Also here are a few teaser images of what is coming in the next, few chapters of Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge.








Chapter 40 – When We Choose To Decieve!

Time passed but the Twinsa grew faster then their siblings before them, I’d never seen such fast growth, before I new it they were Toddlers.

Hessonite Flare/ Witch




Halite Flare/ Witch




I got to work teaching them their life skills, with them growing so fast I new the life skills were important



I also caught Hessonite  using her Magic, I’d never seen a Witch Toddler use Magic before only Teens



Since it was just me and the girls I had more time to read to them and spent time with them




One dark, rainy day I heard a knock on the door, I picked up Halite and went to answer the door. Since Vaughn had not come by in a long time I thought nothing of opening the door well Hesa played in the hall behind me



Vaughn walked right in not waiting for and invite, that was the thing with Witches they could do whatever where as Vampires had to ask to come in.

Vaughn ” Were have you been? Why are you not taking my calls?” He trailed off seeing the child on my hip, he new, I could tell he new as he looked at her twin.

Vaughn ” Oh my God, you I mean we had Twins. I…..I…why didn’t you tell me?”

Diamond “We were a mistake Vaughn, then I was Pregnant and frankly I just didn’t know what you might say.”

Vaughn ” I’d have been happy, I know it was fast but I love you and they’re beautiful.”

I put our daughter down to play not responding to his words of love and headed to the patio, I did not want to have this conversation in front of the twins. Naturally he followed me outside obviously wanting to finish this conversation.

Vaughn ” Diamond we can get married, I can make you happy, be a dad to the girls.”


As much as I liked the thought I new it could not happen “No we can’t, I don’t love you and I’m on a quest to have 100 children to help re-populate my home which was destroyed in the war. I can be with no, one, man because men dislike their spouse sleeping with other men. I couldn’t give you what you deserve or be what you want, you should go.”



He looked confused as disbelief filled his face then hurt followed by anger ” So I was just a sperm donor to you, nothing else, your forbidding me from being in your life, their life, they’re my children Diamond.”


Diamond ” I just think it’s for the best, it could never work, not well your in love with me.”

Vaughan  ” So I don’t get to be a dad, your taking that from me? Your choosing your mission over love and family? Or maybe your just a whore, maybe you like to sleep around.”



Vaughn ” I won’t stand for this, Diamond Flare I curse you.” He then pulled out his wand and pointed it at me and began to chant


“I call to the mighty bringer of night 

Spirits of the abyss, here my call 

Most powerful one and all

My thoughts do sing

Through the universe they now ring

Take thine enemy, take her smite

Break her, scorn her in the night

From the mighty depths of hell

Cast your darkness on her shell

Oh shinning star.”


“Touch her, burn her from afar

No child will she ever again raise

No man again will she ever betray

So shall it be for the rest of eternity!”

He turned then walking out ” Your done Diamond Flare, I’ve cursed you, never again will you have a child or fool another man into thinking you love him. Enjoy what time you have left with the twins, once they grow and leave that’s it, enjoy the rest of your life alone as I’ll enjoy mine, when you mess with a man make sure he’s not a powerful Warlock.”

Then he was gone, I heard the door slam, the twins cry and stood there unable to believe what had happened, it had all happened so fast. I’d never finish my challenge now, no more mission, I had failed my people and my world.

Chapter 39 – What A Tangled Web We Weave!

I arrived in Cape Garner Islands rather early in the morning, it was a small, lovely Island surrounded by nature and a very short walk from the dock to the house the kids had rented for me. I was pleased to see the house was a log cabin type of home, set back from the road, on the beach.


It also had a lovely view of the Ocean and I did love the Ocean


I spent the first few weeks of my vacation Painting, meeting the locals, visiting the Art Gallery and exploring the beautiful area around me










I found the quiet nice for the most part however it was also kind of lonely. I found myself thinking about this one morning after I’d lit a fire to warm the house and settled into a warm bath about my life thus far.




I’d spent so much of my life surrounded by children, family and lovers I’d never paid much attention to having friends. Truly I moved so much from place to place in pursuit of completing my mission friends had never crossed my mind. Being here, now, alone made me wish I had that one person who I could share my life with . However most men were not too keen being with a woman that had a mission to produce 100 kids as men did not like to share their spouse. I found myself considering these thoughts as I rose from the tub to have breakfast.


I finally after much thought decided that truly there was no resolution to my problem, I was lonely on this Vacation, lonely in life despite all the other lives I’d brought into the world. I decided then to get a Puppy, I needed someone long term to care for, someone who would not get up and leave when times were tough, someone to protect me and who was loyal to me through it all, yes a Puppy was just what I needed. I did some research and found a local shelter not too far from my home and headed out to see about getting a puppy.


I was surprised to see the shelter was actually a small house and the owner appeared to be outside playing with the puppies. I greeted him learning his name was Vaughn Mahoney, his dog had recently had puppies and he was looking for good homes for them.


I took the time to get to know a couple of the puppies as well as played with them to see if they were right for me and me them\



I settled on the runt of the litter, her name was Anka and I liked her name as well as her energetic personality


I let Vaughn know she’s the one I choose, he was happy to see her going to a good home and we began to chat about many things. I’m not really sure how what happened came to take place, maybe it was because we talked long into the night and I didn’t feel lonely. Maybe it was because my instinct being a baby mother was to bed any man I saw to produce children. Maybe it was because I’d turned into a slut, plain and simple but our chat lead to this.


Then to this


For once, when it was over I found myself feeling ashamed and snuck out  taking my puppy with me and returned home


I avoided Vaughn aafter that night, he called, he sent letters, he even came to the door but I refused to answer and before I new it I was terribly sick.


An soon after realized that I was Pregnant


My Pregnancy was rough, I threw up everyday at least four times a day, I spent a lot of time in bed


An woke up one morning to find the bed soaked and the pain started coming at me in waves


It was agony, it felt like the child inside of me was ripping my inside a part to get out, my pain lasted for hours as I suffered, a lone confused as to why this birth hurt so much more then the rest. An then it happened and I stood there staring down at my newborn, beautiful daughter.

Halite Flare/ Witch


However before I could admire her more pain came and I quickly placed her into her crib grabbing my stomache

Hessonite Flare/ Witch



I had twins, again, beautiful, red haired twins who I new as soon as I held them that they were Witches, strange I’d had no idea their father was a Warlock and found myself confused that I had not sensed it.

Chapter 38 – Twins Again

Once I new I was pregnant again I passed my days working more on my painting, I loved to paint and had come a long way in it, now my works were known far and wide.



Soon I found myself going into labor


An ended up with another set of twins

Galena Flare/ Human


Only child of mine to get my purple hair in a long time

Graphite Flare/ Human



Once they were born the house now had four children and two babies, lucky for me Glass’s birthday was the day after Galena and Graphite were born and he decided he wanted to go swimming and then to the Summer Festivale, I couldn’t go due to Galena and Graphite but the kids were happy to take full advantage of the warm, summer day.



Garnet’s Imaginary Friend




Glass, Garnet and Gypsum


However they did bring me home a picture so I could see what fun they had


An they had the cake and ice cream at home with me and the twins




Glass Flare


He grew into a very handsome, young teen if I say so myself, a bit more time passed with the kids doing their school, exploring, me painting and then it was time for Galena and Graphite to grow into Toddlers.

Galena Flare


Graphite Flare


Glass and I soon got down to teaching the new Toddlers their skills as I’d done with all my kids before however not before a beach break to celebrate their birthday





Then to the skills


An before we new it well it was time for everyone to have a birthday (Not sure how they all ended up ageing on the same day since they were all born at separate times but they did.) Since all the kids wanted to celebrate, before we headed out for the day we took this image.


Then all the kids and I headed to a new place called Roll N Bounce Alley by TheNay83


Galena and Graphite enjoyed playing in the large playroom in the building just for Toddlers and Kids





Myself, Glass, Gypsum and Garnet tried our hands at bowling









None of us did really well but it was fun, we then headed off to eat as we were all starving


Soon the kids began to grow into the next phase in their young lives

Galena Flare




Graphite Flare



Garnet Flare



Garnet’s Friend



Gypsum Flare



Now I had four teenagers in my house and two children and the kids decided it was time for me to take a Vacation. Before I new it the kids were waving goodbye as I took off on Vacation to a lovely island called Cape Garner. I sort of think I was shafted, they better not be throwing any parties in my absence, none of them are too old for a spanking or two. 🙂

Chapter 37 – Babies, Babies and More Babies

I realized after Gypsum and Garnet were born that my small beach house would not be big enough for my growing family and thus decided to look for a new, larger home on the beach. With great luck I found a lovely place on the beach that had three bedrooms.


It was a lovely house, with lot’s of space that looked over the beach and very modern, I new it would server me well for at least a little while. Soon after we moved in the twins Gypsum and Garnet aged up into toddlers.

Garnet Flare/Human- Baby 34


Gypsum Flare/Fairy – Baby 33


Having three Toddlers in the new house with no help was rather exhausting considering all of them needed to be taught their life skills. Since Glass was the eldest I decided to start with him when it came to teaching life skills. Since he was such a fast learner however it took me no time to teach him what he needed, besides he liked to play with his favourite doll and his brother more then he liked learning.



Not too long after he’d learned his life skills Glass grew into a child and I was able to focus more on Gypsum an Garnet.





As well as painting and the beauty of the area around my new home.



I also took up a bit of ballet which Garnet liked to watch me practice




It was not long before Garnet and Gypsum aged into children





Soon after Garnet came to me asking if I new how to make her imaginary friend real


I told her since she’d been so good with school and doing her Homework every night that I had a potion I could give her




She was really excited as she took the gift



Now that I had four children in the house life was less chaotic, well sort of. One night once all the kids were in bed I found a strange man sneaking around my house and went out to comfort him.



He swore he was just a fan and not a stalker, considering it was about time for me to have another child I decided he might be of some use to me after all. However when I asked him he said no he didn’t want the responsibility of being a father. Well too bad for him, I decided to test out my Genie skills on him, I’d heard after I cast the Enscroll spell he’d do as I liked then when it wore of he’d forget me.


He was a bit scared but it seemed to work rather well





Before long we were in the shower together


Unfortunately when he woke up the next day he’d forgot about me and was running around the house naked going a bit nuts until he found a computer. He was blabbing about being kidnapped and forced against his will and feared he was no longer on earth and how he needed to check the computer. I couldn’t have this, I mean he’d scare my children, so I spelled him again


An it lead to this




After it was done, well he was sleeping I used a second spell to banish him back to his home and soon I new I was pregnant again


Problems, Problems, Problems…

So I’ve been trying for three days to get Sims 3 to work so I can update my 100 Baby Challenge but I’m not having any luck at all. I’ve tried creating a fresh Sims 3 Folder but when I load the game and go into options to change the settings my game crashes and my Laptop turns of, this is with CC and without.

I’ve tried running Sims 3 on my husband’s desktop and it loads but any save file I select be it a fresh made one or old one crashes with an unexpected error to the desktop. Sometimes I can get into the game and play, save the file and exit but when I try to reload that save I again get an unexpected error and desktop crash. I’ve updated my drivers, I’ve reinstalled a fresh copy of Sims 3 on my husbands desktop and still the game crashes. I used to be able to play on my husbands desktop with no problem at all for hours on end, my husbands desktop is my old computer which was bought with Sims 3 in mind, now it just crashes, the vidi card runs it on all low settings where before it ran it on all high settings. I’ve tried adjusting the video settings from Medium to Low and still it crashes.

When I bought my Laptop I researched for months for a good Laptop that could run Sims 3, one with all specs above what is recommended to run Sims 3. For months my Laptop ran Sims 3 in the most beautiful way, it took all my mods, the graphics were crisp and clear now it just crashes and turns off my Laptop. Nothing has changed on my Laptop or in my Sims 3 with my mods, settings etc and still the crash. Last night I did a wipe and reinstall of my Laptop returning it to factory settings because out of the box it ran Sims 3 great. I’m currently reinstalling Sims 3 now as a last resort on my Laptop to see if this fixes my issue, if it does not I’ll have to say goodbye to Sims 3 forever and I refuse to buy Sims 4.

I’ve cried many tears the last two days, I love Sims 3, I’ve played Sims since it first hit the stores way back with Sims 1, I have a long history with Sims, I have many friends on the Sims 3 Forum as well as other places. I love the community, I love the game and the thought of not being able to ever play it again makes it really hard for me. I know it’s silly, it’s just a game you know and I’m sure my tears are silly to.

However I’m sad, I know it’s just a game but when I was feeling blue all I needed was an hour of Sims 3 to make me laugh or to read a story or two, I’m not sure what I’ll do now. I don’t like many games, Sims 3 and Minecraft are all I really like but even Minecraft has gotten boring.

Anyway I’m telling you this because I’m not putting much faith in the fact that reinstalling my OS  on my Laptop and then Sims 3 is going to solve my issue. If it does not my 100 Baby Challenge will be canceled, I’ll no longer upload store content but will leave everything there that is there now and it will be goodbye to Sims 3 forever. I also wanted to let my readers and followers know why I’ve not updated my story lately and what’s been going on.