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As anyone who’s been following my Blog might have seen I’ve been missing my posting Schedule by a lot lately, it’s because I’ve been working more and I work nights. On days I’m not working I’m cooking, cleaning, doing laundry, helping out my mom and spending time with friends an family. Therefore I’m pretty tired an just have no time for Sims 4 and chapter posting. Also Summer is coming an I’ll be pretty busy so I’m going to take a Hiatus for a bit. I’m not sure how long my Hiatus might be and if I get time here an there I’ll try an post something. Thanks to everyone who’s been reading and following my Blog, I really appreciate you, an don’t worry I’ll be back.


S4-Not So Berry Challenge-Chapter 7

Green Mint soon gave birth to her forth and last child, it was a daughter and she decided to name her Rosebud Tea.

04-07-17_2-43-35 PM

Her boys weren’t very happy about having another sibling but soon little Rose grew on them and they’d play with her an put on puppet shows for her.

04-17-17_11-53-34 PM

When the boys weren’t entertaining Rosebud they’d play games together.

04-07-17_4-46-53 PM

Well life at home was very fulfilling work was the same way, Green Mint spent her days upgrading her new invention the Sim Ray.

04-18-17_1-20-12 PM

Now she could freeze sims with it, mind control them and convert objects.

04-07-17_2-06-26 PM

04-18-17_1-19-06 PM

04-18-17_1-19-21 PM

After a long day Green Mint would head home, sometimes she’d be too tired to do much so at nights Josh would work on her space ship for her.

04-18-17_12-09-52 AM

Despite being tired though, she always made time for Rosebud who was a mommy’s girl.

04-18-17_12-06-48 AM

04-15-17_2-22-53 PM

Soon her Ship was ready an she prepared for her first, space launch.

04-18-17_12-14-53 AM

S4-Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge-Chapter 66-Everything Will Be Alright

Before Turquoise had left to go to her daughter’s wedding she had taken Diamond’s advice an gotten a hold of her brother Damien to come an stay with Lapis. Together Damien an Turquoise had hatched a plan encase the Wedding went South. As per the plan Damien had packed up and taken Lapis to a safe location.

03-27-17_10-45-51 PM

When Damien had gotten word that his family had been killed he adopted Lapis and the two remained in the location he’d taken her to.

One night after Lapis was sleeping Damien had gone to his nieces house an collected the tombstones of his deceased family, Damien had done this for Lapis so the little one could still be close to her family. After he’d done this Turquoise had come to visit in her ethereal form.

04-05-17_1-59-07 PM

Though they both felt Lapis was not ready to see her ghostly mother so Turquoise only came once her daughter was resting quietly. Soon Lapis’s brother joined Turquoise on her nightly romps.

04-05-17_1-59-24 PM

Meanwhile Damien put all his energy into guarding an raising Lapis as if she was his own daughter.

04-05-17_1-57-07 PM

He’d always cook her the best meals, though they were Vegetarian meals because Damien was a Vegetarian.

04-05-17_2-12-09 PM

They’d always have breakfast together…

04-05-17_2-12-46 PM

Followed by a morning bubble bath…

04-05-17_2-23-09 PM

After bath time they’d play together

04-05-17_2-19-55 PM

An after they played they’d spend a few hours working on colors, blocks, talking, walking an all the other things that Lapis needed to know.

04-05-17_2-16-26 PM

Once their morning routine was over Lapis had playtime where she could do what she liked, most of the time she built block towers in her room.

04-05-17_2-24-49 PM

Well she was doing that Damien would spend the time working out, he wanted to be in the best, physical shape possible to better protect Lapis.

04-05-17_2-41-17 PM

S4-Disney Legacy Challenge-Triplets!

After watching Snow’s belly grow for a time both were  excited when Snow went into Labor. However Snow pushed through the Labor wanting to give birth at home and soon the couple were proud parents of Triplets, two girls and a boy.

04-06-17_5-41-26 AM

04-06-17_5-41-16 AM

04-06-17_5-41-06 AM

Snow decided she wanted to experience being a mother to it’s fullest an chose to breast feed her children.

04-06-17_5-47-57 AM

David decided after the birth of their triplets that he wanted to be more then just a Prince an a Dad an went into the Law Enforcement Career.

04-06-17_5-59-32 AM

I’ve never played this Career before so I decided to try something new and picked this one, it’s actually a lot of fun.

04-06-17_6-11-30 AM

04-06-17_6-15-50 AM

04-06-17_6-16-29 AM

04-06-17_6-22-28 AM

His first day was pretty successful and once he got home he was welcomed by his loving, girlfriend Snow.

04-06-17_6-26-55 AM

S4-Not So Berry Challenge-Chapter 6

Mint was at a point in her job now where she could boss her Co-workers around and she got to explore her first, Alien crater.

03-29-17_7-52-38 PM

Mint also used work to level up her Mischief Skill…

03-30-17_1-08-39 AM

I dare you to streak…

03-31-17_2-13-04 PM

03-31-17_2-13-24 PM

When she got home from work the Triplets would greet her at the door, she loved it.

03-30-17_1-17-03 AM

Josh an her would spend time teaching them to dance, talk, walk among other things.

03-29-17_8-03-30 PM

03-29-17_8-04-42 PM

After the triplets went to bed Josh continued to work on painting 5 Masterpieces of Art.

03-30-17_1-37-34 AM

Before Mint new it the boys birthday came and they grew into children, she was so proud of her boys.

03-30-17_11-56-19 PM

03-30-17_11-58-13 PM

03-30-17_11-59-51 PM

After the boys birthday Mint began to show her pregnancy.

03-31-17_1-31-46 PM

Each of her boys enjoyed doing different things.

03-31-17_1-27-20 PM

03-31-17_1-18-57 AM

They were also very helpful in the Kitchen an around the house.

03-31-17_2-04-24 PM

Now that the boys were kids Mint started her next, big project of constructing a spaceship.

03-31-17_2-07-42 PM

S4-Disney Legacy Challenge-Moving Day

Though David lived in a massive castle Snow still found herself missing her family home. So when Snow heard that her Stepmother had married a rich duke an moved out she an David decided to leave the castle to his brother an start over in Snow’s Cottage.

03-29-17_1-29-00 PM

Snow was happy to be back home and started fixing the house up, the Gardens needed tending and some things needed adding.

03-29-17_2-24-34 PM

David was by her side the whole time helping her out.

03-29-17_2-30-55 PM

Snow was also an early riser compared to David so often she’d wake early an make breakfast.

03-29-17_2-39-04 PM

Time passed an life was good, Snow an David grew closer until one day he popped the question.

03-29-17_5-54-14 PM

03-29-17_5-54-28 PM

Snow said yes, soon after Snow found out she was Pregnant an told David.

03-29-17_6-12-14 PM

David was surprised but happy with it an life continued on.

03-29-17_6-39-49 PM

They both watched Snow’s belly grown lovingly excited for the birth of their child.

03-29-17_6-42-42 PM

S4-Not So Berry Challenge-Chapter 5

Note: I had a lot of trouble getting this Chapter up so it won’t be great, I accidentally deleted my Not So Berry Save an I had to re-make an Re-do everything. I decided since I’d deleted it by mistake it was time to cut back some CC, so Green Mint got a makeover.


With a wedding on the way and a recent promotion Mint an Josh decided to move into a new house. They settled for a nice four bedroom home so each of the boys could have their own room.

Moving day had been exhausting for the Family so when everything was decently settled Mint an Josh settled the boys into bed with a story.

03-28-17_1-17-26 AM

Next morning Strawberry woke up earlier then normal from a bad dream so Josh took him downstairs for some daddy time.

03-28-17_2-36-46 PM

He fed him breakfast an then gave him a bubble bath, it seemed to make his little man feel better.

03-28-17_2-37-36 PM

03-28-17_2-39-36 PM

Soon Mint, Cranberry an Pomegranate woke up an Josh an Mint settled them down for a family breakfast.

03-28-17_2-47-39 PM

After Breakfast both boys were given a bubble bath and went to play with one another an their toys.

03-28-17_2-53-14 PM

Strawberry was a bit sleepy now so Mint settled him down for his morning Nap.

03-28-17_2-54-06 PM

After Strawberry was settled Cranberry an Pom played together on their new tablet.

03-28-17_2-59-11 PM

With all the Toddlers happy Mint an Josh took some time for themselves, they had a lot of stress they needed to work off.

03-28-17_2-58-30 PM

03-28-17_3-00-03 PMIt was amazing an before long it was time for the Triplets to go down for the night, once that was done Mint an Josh decided to play some more.

03-28-17_3-12-22 PM

Chemistry between them was on fire as they made love long, into the night.

03-28-17_3-13-33 PM

03-28-17_3-14-53 PM