S4-Not So Berry Challenge-Chapter 7

Green Mint soon gave birth to her forth and last child, it was a daughter and she decided to name her Rosebud Tea.

04-07-17_2-43-35 PM

Her boys weren’t very happy about having another sibling but soon little Rose grew on them and they’d play with her an put on puppet shows for her.

04-17-17_11-53-34 PM

When the boys weren’t entertaining Rosebud they’d play games together.

04-07-17_4-46-53 PM

Well life at home was very fulfilling work was the same way, Green Mint spent her days upgrading her new invention the Sim Ray.

04-18-17_1-20-12 PM

Now she could freeze sims with it, mind control them and convert objects.

04-07-17_2-06-26 PM

04-18-17_1-19-06 PM

04-18-17_1-19-21 PM

After a long day Green Mint would head home, sometimes she’d be too tired to do much so at nights Josh would work on her space ship for her.

04-18-17_12-09-52 AM

Despite being tired though, she always made time for Rosebud who was a mommy’s girl.

04-18-17_12-06-48 AM

04-15-17_2-22-53 PM

Soon her Ship was ready an she prepared for her first, space launch.

04-18-17_12-14-53 AM

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