S4-Disney Legacy Challenge-Triplets!

After watching Snow’s belly grow for a time both were  excited when Snow went into Labor. However Snow pushed through the Labor wanting to give birth at home and soon the couple were proud parents of Triplets, two girls and a boy.

04-06-17_5-41-26 AM

04-06-17_5-41-16 AM

04-06-17_5-41-06 AM

Snow decided she wanted to experience being a mother to it’s fullest an chose to breast feed her children.

04-06-17_5-47-57 AM

David decided after the birth of their triplets that he wanted to be more then just a Prince an a Dad an went into the Law Enforcement Career.

04-06-17_5-59-32 AM

I’ve never played this Career before so I decided to try something new and picked this one, it’s actually a lot of fun.

04-06-17_6-11-30 AM

04-06-17_6-15-50 AM

04-06-17_6-16-29 AM

04-06-17_6-22-28 AM

His first day was pretty successful and once he got home he was welcomed by his loving, girlfriend Snow.

04-06-17_6-26-55 AM

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