S4-Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge-Chapter 66-Everything Will Be Alright

Before Turquoise had left to go to her daughter’s wedding she had taken Diamond’s advice an gotten a hold of her brother Damien to come an stay with Lapis. Together Damien an Turquoise had hatched a plan encase the Wedding went South. As per the plan Damien had packed up and taken Lapis to a safe location.

03-27-17_10-45-51 PM

When Damien had gotten word that his family had been killed he adopted Lapis and the two remained in the location he’d taken her to.

One night after Lapis was sleeping Damien had gone to his nieces house an collected the tombstones of his deceased family, Damien had done this for Lapis so the little one could still be close to her family. After he’d done this Turquoise had come to visit in her ethereal form.

04-05-17_1-59-07 PM

Though they both felt Lapis was not ready to see her ghostly mother so Turquoise only came once her daughter was resting quietly. Soon Lapis’s brother joined Turquoise on her nightly romps.

04-05-17_1-59-24 PM

Meanwhile Damien put all his energy into guarding an raising Lapis as if she was his own daughter.

04-05-17_1-57-07 PM

He’d always cook her the best meals, though they were Vegetarian meals because Damien was a Vegetarian.

04-05-17_2-12-09 PM

They’d always have breakfast together…

04-05-17_2-12-46 PM

Followed by a morning bubble bath…

04-05-17_2-23-09 PM

After bath time they’d play together

04-05-17_2-19-55 PM

An after they played they’d spend a few hours working on colors, blocks, talking, walking an all the other things that Lapis needed to know.

04-05-17_2-16-26 PM

Once their morning routine was over Lapis had playtime where she could do what she liked, most of the time she built block towers in her room.

04-05-17_2-24-49 PM

Well she was doing that Damien would spend the time working out, he wanted to be in the best, physical shape possible to better protect Lapis.

04-05-17_2-41-17 PM


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