S4-Not So Berry Challenge-Chapter 6

Mint was at a point in her job now where she could boss her Co-workers around and she got to explore her first, Alien crater.

03-29-17_7-52-38 PM

Mint also used work to level up her Mischief Skill…

03-30-17_1-08-39 AM

I dare you to streak…

03-31-17_2-13-04 PM

03-31-17_2-13-24 PM

When she got home from work the Triplets would greet her at the door, she loved it.

03-30-17_1-17-03 AM

Josh an her would spend time teaching them to dance, talk, walk among other things.

03-29-17_8-03-30 PM

03-29-17_8-04-42 PM

After the triplets went to bed Josh continued to work on painting 5 Masterpieces of Art.

03-30-17_1-37-34 AM

Before Mint new it the boys birthday came and they grew into children, she was so proud of her boys.

03-30-17_11-56-19 PM

03-30-17_11-58-13 PM

03-30-17_11-59-51 PM

After the boys birthday Mint began to show her pregnancy.

03-31-17_1-31-46 PM

Each of her boys enjoyed doing different things.

03-31-17_1-27-20 PM

03-31-17_1-18-57 AM

They were also very helpful in the Kitchen an around the house.

03-31-17_2-04-24 PM

Now that the boys were kids Mint started her next, big project of constructing a spaceship.

03-31-17_2-07-42 PM

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