S4-Disney Legacy Challenge-Moving Day

Though David lived in a massive castle Snow still found herself missing her family home. So when Snow heard that her Stepmother had married a rich duke an moved out she an David decided to leave the castle to his brother an start over in Snow’s Cottage.

03-29-17_1-29-00 PM

Snow was happy to be back home and started fixing the house up, the Gardens needed tending and some things needed adding.

03-29-17_2-24-34 PM

David was by her side the whole time helping her out.

03-29-17_2-30-55 PM

Snow was also an early riser compared to David so often she’d wake early an make breakfast.

03-29-17_2-39-04 PM

Time passed an life was good, Snow an David grew closer until one day he popped the question.

03-29-17_5-54-14 PM

03-29-17_5-54-28 PM

Snow said yes, soon after Snow found out she was Pregnant an told David.

03-29-17_6-12-14 PM

David was surprised but happy with it an life continued on.

03-29-17_6-39-49 PM

They both watched Snow’s belly grown lovingly excited for the birth of their child.

03-29-17_6-42-42 PM


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