S4-Chapter 65-Fool Me Twice!

All too soon Lilith gave birth to a daughter she named Kathy, Kathy looked innocent an pure on the outside but what was inside was something else. After all she was the first Demon/Vampire child to be born.

03-13-17_3-56-17 PM

Regardless of what she was Vladius loved his baby girl an would do anything for her and her mother.

03-13-17_5-07-14 PM

After Kathy was born Lilith finished her turn an was now a fully, created Vampire/Demon Hybrid

03-13-17_3-52-18 PM

Kathy being part Demon grew quickly into a darling Toddler

03-25-17_1-26-16 PM

Mastering things like walking an eating on her own seemed pretty simple for Kathy. It was as if she was something else in the body of a Toddler, something old and dark.

03-25-17_1-32-53 PM

Lilith spent a lot of time with her child teaching her all things dark and reading the Flare History to her every night.

03-25-17_1-37-12 PM

When Lilith was not tending to Kathy she was hunting, she loved the smell of fear on them when she appeared before them an loved the sweet taste of their blood on her tongue. Humans were such simple creatures, so basic an stupid, so weak an easy to kill.

03-25-17_12-57-15 PM

03-25-17_12-57-35 PM

Soon the day of her Wedding approached and she could feel the power raging within her, she was also happy to see all her family had shown up, what fools they were.

03-27-17_1-26-24 PM

Regardless she held of on killing them until after she and Vladius said their I Do.

03-27-17_1-27-02 PM

It appeared though someone else had another idea as little Kathy took out her Aunt Jadeite

03-27-17_1-30-52 PM

It was so beautifully brutal

03-27-17_1-33-29 PM

Once Jade was down Jacinth cast a spell setting her Angel brother, mother an sister Joe on fire. Well she set them on fire Kathy took out her Uncle next.

03-27-17_1-34-46 PM

Jacinth followed her daughter by stabbing her Angel Sister in the gut

03-27-17_1-36-54 PM

03-27-17_1-38-51 PM

Little Kathy seemed un-fazed by the blood all over her clothing as she happily ate a piece of wedding cake.

03-27-17_1-39-29 PM

Once all the Flare’s were dead at her party Jacinth noticed three were missing, Aunt Diamond an her Vampire Siblings. She left an went after the last of Flare line that she new about. Being a Vampire she used her new powers to enter un-invited an tracked her aunt Diamond.

03-27-17_1-45-55 PM

She stabbed her to death in the upstairs, bathroom hall

03-27-17_1-47-52 PM

When her Vampire siblings came to aid their Aunt she drowned them both with her dark, witch magic.

03-27-17_1-48-57 PM

03-27-17_1-49-20 PM

That was the end of the Flare line as far as she new, she’d killed them all like she said she would an loved every, moment of it.


Jadeite Flare/Female/Fairy (Stabbed)

Joephanite Flare – (Burned)

Kazunite Flare (Burned)

Kimberlite Flare (Stabbed)

Kaolin Flare (Burned Alive)

Kasoite (Kas) Flare (Drowned)

 Katoite (Kat) Flare (Drowned)

Turquoise Flare (Stabbed)

Diamond Flare (Stabbed)

After she’d killed them all she changed her last name to Strand after her Husband, completely wiping the Flare name out of existence.


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