S4-Not So Berry Challenge-Chapter 5

Note: I had a lot of trouble getting this Chapter up so it won’t be great, I accidentally deleted my Not So Berry Save an I had to re-make an Re-do everything. I decided since I’d deleted it by mistake it was time to cut back some CC, so Green Mint got a makeover.


With a wedding on the way and a recent promotion Mint an Josh decided to move into a new house. They settled for a nice four bedroom home so each of the boys could have their own room.

Moving day had been exhausting for the Family so when everything was decently settled Mint an Josh settled the boys into bed with a story.

03-28-17_1-17-26 AM

Next morning Strawberry woke up earlier then normal from a bad dream so Josh took him downstairs for some daddy time.

03-28-17_2-36-46 PM

He fed him breakfast an then gave him a bubble bath, it seemed to make his little man feel better.

03-28-17_2-37-36 PM

03-28-17_2-39-36 PM

Soon Mint, Cranberry an Pomegranate woke up an Josh an Mint settled them down for a family breakfast.

03-28-17_2-47-39 PM

After Breakfast both boys were given a bubble bath and went to play with one another an their toys.

03-28-17_2-53-14 PM

Strawberry was a bit sleepy now so Mint settled him down for his morning Nap.

03-28-17_2-54-06 PM

After Strawberry was settled Cranberry an Pom played together on their new tablet.

03-28-17_2-59-11 PM

With all the Toddlers happy Mint an Josh took some time for themselves, they had a lot of stress they needed to work off.

03-28-17_2-58-30 PM

03-28-17_3-00-03 PMIt was amazing an before long it was time for the Triplets to go down for the night, once that was done Mint an Josh decided to play some more.

03-28-17_3-12-22 PM

Chemistry between them was on fire as they made love long, into the night.

03-28-17_3-13-33 PM

03-28-17_3-14-53 PM



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