S4-Not So Berry Challenge-C4

Soon after the Triplets were born Josh purposed to Mint.

03-17-17_3-28-46 PM

Mint said yes…

03-17-17_3-28-49 PMNext day Mint headed to work, she liked being able to work well Josh stayed with the Triplets.

03-24-17_1-06-53 PM

03-24-17_1-11-54 PM

By the end of her work day Mint got another promotion, she was now a Technological Inventor.

03-24-17_1-09-21 PM

To celebrate her an Josh went to the Spice Festival in the City, Mint joined the Curry Festival.

03-24-17_1-21-32 PM

Mint won the Curry Festival an after her an Josh tried some other dishes.

03-24-17_1-28-55 PM

All the Spicy food put Mint an Josh in a mood, they couldn’t keep their hands off one another.

03-24-17_1-42-46 PM

They worked out their passion in the local Karaoke Club closet and even tried some new, exciting things.

03-24-17_1-45-43 PM

After they returned home to rest, had a good night sleep an the next day the Triplets aged up.

03-24-17_2-37-59 PM

03-24-17_2-38-11 PM

03-24-17_2-38-30 PM

Growing was exhausting an made the boys hungry so after feeding them lunch.

03-24-17_3-20-09 PM

Josh and Mint read the boys to sleep.

03-24-17_3-23-50 PM

Once they were done Mint wasn’t feeling right, she was nauseated an tired an decided to take a Pregnancy Test, it was positive an she went to tell Josh.

03-24-17_3-25-49 PM



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