S4-Disney Legacy Challenge – Moving Foreword


When Snow woke the next morning she decided to plant a Garden, she was used to Gardening an it helped calm her. It was always good to have a Garden of fresh fruit an vegetables anyway.

03-17-17_6-59-36 PM

After she finished with the Garden she stumbled across a strange looking well and decided to make a wish.

03-17-17_11-56-51 PM

Meanwhile inside David was working his charms on the Butler

03-21-17_8-34-30 AM

However as soon as Snow came in he turned his attention to her an followed her to the Kitchen where they had a long talk.

03-21-17_8-45-03 AM

It was a good talk, later they took their conversation outside to the Hot Tub. David seemed to understand her and really like her, it was as if they were meant to be. Not knowing why she did it, Snow kissed him.

03-21-17_8-56-00 AM

David kissed her back, he then picked her up gently in his arms an cradling her he carried her to the bedroom where he made love to her all night long.

03-21-17_9-09-52 AM

03-21-17_9-09-07 AM

03-21-17_9-11-42 AM

It was Snow’s first time but David was amazing an gentle with her. As the sun rose outside the bedroom window the two fell asleep in one another’s arms.

03-21-17_9-12-46 AM

David woke first an decided to make Snow breakfast, since he really didn’t know how to cook he made her Pizza.

03-21-17_9-22-04 AM

03-21-17_9-23-22 AM

Snow found it an loved it, no one had made her breakfast before an so she went to thank David an found him working out.

03-21-17_9-36-24 AM

03-21-17_9-37-01 AM

After she’d eaten David asked her to be his girlfriend

03-21-17_9-39-36 AM

She said yes..

03-21-17_9-39-41 AM

Later that night the two sat an watched a Movie, shared popcorn an talked more.

03-21-17_11-15-27 AM

03-21-17_11-18-26 AM


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