S4-Not So Berry Challenge-Triplet’s Oh My..

Despite being very Pregnant, Green Mint was motivated and continued to go to work, her dream was to reach the top of her career before she retired.

03-16-17_5-00-04 PM

03-16-17_5-05-49 PM

03-16-17_5-07-22 PM

Because she worked so hard Josh took over doing the cooking among other things. He was artist by trade so he was able to make his own schedule which worked well for the couple.

03-17-17_1-00-07 PM

He was also a damn cook cook an cooked things she craved when she asked.

03-17-17_1-01-02 PM

03-17-17_1-11-01 PM

He also grew interested in Bar tending so they purchased a a bar so he could practice making drinks with it, he said when he got it down they’d have a party.

03-17-17_1-08-57 PM

When Josh wasn’t taking care of her or bar-tending he’d take on other tasks that needed doing.

03-17-17_1-12-05 PM

Like Gardening, he seemed to like it as much as her, at times she caught him talking to the plants.

03-17-17_3-14-57 PM

He also excercised, he got grumpy when he didn’t get enough exercise

03-17-17_3-01-53 PM

Well he did all that Green Mint went to work and focused on her Elements Collection, so far she’d collected all but three of the Elements

03-17-17_12-54-39 PM

Soon the time came an Green Mint went into Labor, there was no time to get to the Hospital.

03-17-17_1-54-22 PM

She gave birth to triplet boys who they named Strawberry Tea, Cranberry Tea an Pomegranate Tea.

03-17-17_2-02-20 PM

03-17-17_2-48-07 PM

They were worried that raising Triplets would be hard, but working together they did ok and since the boys weren’t too fussy she was still able to work.

03-17-17_2-48-55 PM

03-17-17_2-49-59 PM


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