S4 – Life N The Woods-Happily Ever After

Bambi an Buck didn’t have many friends since they mostly spent time with one another and Serenity so planning their forest wedding wasn’t hard. It was a small wedding with all, their, closest animal friends.

03-17-17_4-52-07 PM

03-17-17_4-58-38 PM

After their wedding they retired to their Forest Bedroom to celebrate being married while the animals watched over Serenity.

03-17-17_5-03-21 PM

Soon their baby grew into a child and they taught her everything she needed to know about Forest life. 03-17-17_5-55-06 PM

After they spent the day teaching Serenity their nights were spent around the Campfire telling stories to one another.

03-17-17_6-01-30 PM

Days passed in peaceful bliss , life was simple but happy because they had one another. Shortly after Serenity grew into a Young Adult her parents passed.

03-17-17_6-04-07 PM

Serenity missed them greatly but found comfort in her animal friends and enjoying the peaceful, simple days among the Forest.

03-17-17_6-17-14 PM

Serenity lived out her days in her Forest home, she never married or had children of her own but her life was long, happy and fulfilled.


○ End Goals ○

– Have an 8 by 8 house worth 50,000 dollars -Complete
– Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen and Bedroom – Complete



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