S4-Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge-Fool Me Once…

As luck would have it Turquoise was successful in conceiving a child the second time around an later gave birth to a baby girl she named Lapis Flare.

02-21-17_1-02-27 PM

Turquoise new by the blue skin tone and how knowledgeable the baby seemed that it was indeed an Alien child.

02-21-17_1-00-33 PM

Turquoise became attached to Lapis rather quick and in now time baby Lapis grew into a adorable Toddler.

02-21-17_1-35-37 PM

Lapis wasn’t like other Toddlers because she learned at an alarming rate and before long Lapis had learned all her necessary Toddler skills.

02-21-17_2-02-23 PM

Every night Turquoise would take the time to read Lapis to sleep, she wanted Lapis to not only be independent but also have an imagination.

02-21-17_2-04-39 PM

Soon after Lapis grew into a Toddler her sister Joephanite (Joe) grew into a young adult and decided to go into Cooking. Joe loved to cook an try new recipes an ingredients, such curiosity lead Joe to become one of the better cooks in the house.

03-12-17_10-06-42 PM

After Joe grew into a Young Adult, Turquoise was out tending the Garden well Joe was working, the kids were at School an Lapis was playing when she got a surprise. Diamond had come to visit when she’d heard about Turquoise’s Vampire Children.

03-13-17_2-02-12 PM

Turquoise was grateful to see her Twin as it had been far too long for both women, they greeted one another warmly.

03-13-17_2-03-11 PM

Before long they were catching up on one, another’s lives an Diamond was sharing all she new about Vampires with Turquoise.

03-13-17_2-07-30 PM

Diamond had also brought some special seeds, apparently these seeds grew into a special fruit that Vampire’s could eat so they didn’t need to drink from Human’s.

Working together with their Fairy Magic’s the twins started the growth process of the Plasma Fruit because it took some time to grow.

03-13-17_2-08-33 PM

Later Diamond cooked supper for the whole family an once again, after many years, the Flare Family was able to sit down an share a meal.

03-13-17_2-18-49 PM

03-13-17_2-20-12 PM

Little Lapis opted to eat by herself for some reason but since she was a very independent child no one worried.

03-13-17_2-22-05 PMLater Aunt Diamond read Lapis to sleep, it had been a lonf time since Diamond had been in the company of Toddlers, how she missed it.

03-13-17_2-25-52 PMAfter Lapis was settled down for the night there was a ring of the doorbell, answering it Turquoise was passed a large envelope an within it was a surprising invitation.

Dear Mother,

Ever since you left and dad an I went our separate ways I’ve come to realize that I’ve no interest in hurting anyone. I’ve beaten whatever destiny may have been set for me and I’ve chosen my own path. I’ve recently met an amazing man an he asked me to marry him, were also expecting our first child together.

Therefore I’m sending this letter in hopes of mending what might be broken between me and the family. I’d love to have you and the family join me for my special, wedding day. Please reply to this letter an let me know if you and the family would be willing to attend our wedding an meet your First Grandchild.

You Daughter,

After receiving the letter from Jacinth everyone got together in the Dinning Room to discuss their thoughts on the invitation.

03-13-17_2-32-00 PM

Diamond wasn’t convinced that the letter was legit, nor did she feel they should attend such a party, she noted it was to be held in Moonlight Falls, this particular place was well know as home to many creatures of the Vampire race.

03-13-17_2-32-25 PM

Naturally the twins Kas an Kat wanted to go to Moonlight Falls, they wanted to see where they were from an meet others like them.

03-13-17_3-17-30 PM

Joe had grown up with Jacinth an missed her sister an like the Twins she was interested in going as well. She felt that Jac had never, really been given much of a chance with Vaughan around.

03-13-17_3-16-30 PM

Turquoise’s Angel Twins felt everyone deserved a second chance, they only saw the best in people an wanted to go as well.

03-13-17_2-33-42 PM

Kaz was indifferent an said Jade would likely be the same, if the family went then so would he an Jade.

03-13-17_2-32-45 PM

Turquoise naturally wanted to see an be there for her daughter an first Grandchild and was curious of the man who won Jacinth’s heart.

03-13-17_2-34-08 PM

So it was decided the family would go together but before they went Turquoise would get in contact with Damon or Dominic an have one of them come an stay with Lapis. She new both her brother’s couldn’t come because one would currently be ruling Jades.


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