S4 – 7 Toddler Challenge

7 Toddler Challenge!

-Your household has to have 1 adult. (you can customize this one)
-Create 7 toddlers with the randomize tool in Create a Sim and give them a unique trait. Toddlers can’t have the same trait as their siblings.
-Use a money cheat if necessary.
-You can hire a Nanny to help you out. If you have The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour Stuff you can also hire a butler.
-You can buy anything you may need to take care of the toddlers.
-Your adult Sim can’t have a job but he/she can have hobbies (if your Sim has time for it but I doubt that).
-If toddler dies or gets taken away by child services, the challenge is done. You must start over.

Meet My Toddlers

I am trying the 7 Toddler Challenge but I have to say I’m not liking it much, Toddlers are so needy and the Sim I made to take care of them is Tense an Grumpy all the time.

Cherry Blossom -Caretaker

03-10-17_6-24-22 PM

Apple Blossom

03-10-17_6-36-39 PM

Blueberry Blossom

03-10-17_6-37-37 PM

Grape Blossom

03-10-17_6-42-50 PM

Kiwi Blossom

03-10-17_6-38-25 PM

Lemon Blossom

03-10-17_6-37-06 PM

Orange Blossom

03-10-17_6-39-58 PM

Passion Fruit Blossom

03-10-17_6-35-43 PM

Cherry an her seven toddlers moved into a nice house in Willow Creek, shortly after moving in the Toddlers were hungry so Cherry made Grill Cheese.

03-07-17_4-18-25 PM

03-07-17_4-21-28 PM

After Grill Cheese it was easy to settle the Toddlers into bed an put on Lullaby  Music to sooth them. She then took time to take a calming bath and fix a broken Dollhouse.

03-10-17_6-27-39 PM

03-10-17_6-25-42 PM

In the morning Cherry tried to cook breakfast an ended up starting a fire an waking up all the Toddlers, what a nightmare.

03-10-17_5-12-07 PM

To help sooth them she gave bubble baths an told a story

03-10-17_5-58-51 PM

03-10-17_5-34-03 PM

She also played a bit with a couple of the more upset Toddlers, what an exhausting day.

03-10-17_5-29-31 PM

03-10-17_5-30-22 PM


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