S4-Life N The Woods-Serenity

Time passed slowly for Bambi due to the fact her Pregnancy made her very sick, well she was sick Buck worked Day an Night creating things for the coming baby.03-08-17_1-58-14 PM

Soon Bambi gave birth to a beautiful daughter she decided to call Serenity Stag.

03-08-17_2-24-01 PM

Bambi decided to breast feed little Serenity, she felt it was the best choice for her growing daughter.

03-08-17_2-46-27 PM

With a new baby Bambi didn’t have a lot of time to do her normal day chores an so Buck helped.

03-08-17_2-44-23 PM

Time passed quickly for the family in their Forest home an soon Serenity grew into a Toddler.

03-08-17_3-57-09 PM

As a Birthday gift Buck made her a lovely doll house that Serenity an her forest friends played with.

03-08-17_4-12-53 PM

Since Serenity was a bit of a wild child Bambi spent many hours keeping her busy.

03-08-17_4-00-16 PM

Being a child of the Forest, Serenity’s days were spent outside exploring an playing with her Forest friends.

03-08-17_4-02-34 PM

At night the only way to get Serenity to sleep was to read to her from the bookshelf her father made an the books her mother wrote.

03-08-17_4-10-59 PM

It wasn’t long before the family had completed their 8X8 home an put in a small but sensible Kitchen.

03-08-17_2-00-32 PM

As soon as their 8X8 Forest home was finished Buck Proposed to Bambi.

03-08-17_2-40-37 PM

An Bambi said yes, now there was a Forest wedding to plan.

03-08-17_2-40-44 PM


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