S4-Disney Legacy Challenge -It Begins

David stared out across the vastness of his Estate, the Estate had recently passed to David when is mother an father had died.Upon their death his twin brother had packed his things an left to explore what was beyond their small town. His brother hadn’t given David much choice in the matter, one day he was there an the next he was gone.

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It was only now David realized how empty the place felt as his gaze moved across the now, dead Garden his mother had lovingly tended for years. He then looked towards the large play area his Father had built for him an his brother when they  were just a boys. His brother and he had played there for hours every day until their mother called them in for evening supper.

Well David thought over his memories of the past a part of him longed to sell the Estate because it held so many sad memories well another part of him couldn’t bear the thought. He longed for a family of his own so he might fill these old walls with laughter an joy once again.

Across town however laughter was the last thing on the mind of a young, beautiful girl named Snow white, for once again her Stepmother Regina was harping at her for not doing enough.

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Snow White barely ever got a moment to herself now that her loving father had passed, for once he passed her Stepmother expected her to do all the things her Father had. Her Stepmother though no Queen felt as if she should be treated as such and since Snow White’s father had done just that it was expected of Snow White as well.

Snow White was expected to wake early in the morning before School an tend the Garden so there was always fresh Fruit an Vegetables for the Queen. She didn’t mind tending the Garden as much because she loved the sound of the birds in the morning an the fresh scent of earth and the outdoors.

03-09-17_4-04-25 PM

Once done with tending the Garden she was also expected to do all the cooking and cleaning an have breakfast ready for her Majesty.

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Yet even if she did all of these things Regina still treated her bad, she’d yell at her for no reason or say horrible things about her.

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These things hurt Snow White because all she wanted was to be loved by the one person left in her life since her Father’s passing.

03-09-17_3-37-55 PM

Once the hurt passed her pain would turn to anger and Snow would stomp out of the house in search of a sanctuary away from Regina.

03-09-17_3-38-42 PM

She’d found such a place across town in the Garden of an old Estate which she thought was empty. Yet this particular night well she enjoyed the quiet of her Sanctuary, she was joined by a young man. He said he’d seen her from the second, floor, window and saw she was crying an came to see if she was ok.

03-09-17_4-39-30 PM

Surprised that a stranger who new nothing of her could care even a little about her well Regina couldn’t caused Snow to break into sad, angry tears. Yet the man didn’t leave instead he sat beside her, saying nothing as if waiting for her to speak. An so she spoke, she told him of her Father’s death and Regina, how lonely an hurt she was.

Out of the blue he asked her point blank if she’d like to stay with him, he explained his thoughts of selling his childhood home, how he found it too big for just him an how he’d considered selling it until he met her.

03-09-17_4-42-21 PM

Snow was surprised but at the same time she was happy, perhaps things would be ok an so she didn’t think a moment about it an simply said yes.

03-09-17_4-44-52 PM

She also thanked him for offering her a place to live away from Regina, a place where she may find happiness.

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