S4-Disney Legacy Challenge

Some of these rules are of my own making but most are a mix of the rules from MTS here an here, you can find all Chapters for this Challenge at the bottom of the page.


– Legacies must stay on the lot that Snow settles on, so when Snow moves in with her rich love that becomes the lot for all future Generations
– Must have a Graveyard on the Lot
– Snow must begin as a Teen

– Whoever you choose as your heir must have the below names, I picked one for a boy an one for a girl:

Gen 2 – Cinder or Ella
Gen 3 – Ti or Tiana
Gen 4 – Aurora or Rory
Gen 5 – Anna, Elsa, Andrew or Earl
Gen 6 – Rapunzel or Rumpelstiltskin
Gen 7 – Belle or Brian
Gen 8 – Mulan or Michael
Gen 9 – Jasmine or James
Gen 10 – Merida or Merlin

Generation 1

Snow White – “I’m wishing for the one I love to find me today”

Founders have humble beginnings, so what’s better than Snow White? To start, create Snow White. Storytellers may create her as a teenager and make her evil stepmother, but this is not a requirement. When Snow White becomes a young adult, this story begins.

– Must be female
– Must Love the Outdoors
– Snow must start out wealthy as a Teen with her Stepmother, then she’s going to find a rich love an move in with him, when she does this that lot will become the set lot for all, future Legacies
– Must have 7 children (Dwarfs)
– May not marry until the 7th child is a toddler, has learned to walk, talk and use the potty, and has maxed out 1 toddler skill at least, or until that child is a child
– Each child must have one bad trait (e.g Gloomy)
– Each child must have the same baby daddy
– Each child must complete their Aspiration and/or get an A in school
– Snow may never answer the door to strangers or talk to elderly women

Generation 2

Cinderella – “A dream is a wish your heart makes, when you’re fast asleep”

Although you had six brothers and sisters, you always did the cooking and cleaning. Yet, somehow you loved it, as it transported you away from your chaotic home life. When Cinderella becomes a teenager, this story begins.

– Must have ‘Neat’ and ‘Foodie’ traits
– Must clean something everyday and cook every meal
– May not marry until mother dies (This does not have to be of old age, but it may not be cheated)
– Have a maximum of 3 children
– Must reach at least level 8 of the cooking and cleaning skill before you become an adult
– Cannot move off the original lot that you were born on

Generation 3

Tiana – “The only way to get what you want in this world is through hard work”

Your family has barely accomplished anything over the past two generations, and you’re here to change that. This story begins when Tiana becomes a YA.

– Must have ‘Ambitious’ trait
– Father must die before end of YA
– Must get a teen job
– Must have food Aspiration
– Must marry a Sim with green (This can be hair, eyes, skin etc)
– Run your own Resturant
– Must have two children
– May never move away from Legacy Lot

Generation 4

Aurora – “I walked with you once upon a dream”

Thanks to your mother’s hard work, you have everything you always wanted in life, apart from love. Your father was overprotective of you, and rarely let you out of the house. This story begins when Aurora becomes a YA.

– Must have the ‘Lazy’ trait.
– May only have 3 or less friends. (Family can count if you wish)
– Must meet future spouse at night while parents are asleep
– Mother must die before Adulthood
– Elope
– Have a maximum of 2 children – (twin girls are preferred if playing Anna or Elsa next)
– Have a private wedding
– May never move away from Legacy Lot, spouse moves in with you

Generation 5

Anna – “We only have each other, it’s just you and me”

Your sister locked you away and you never knew why. As toddlers, you were the best of friends but now all you have are dreams. When Anna is a child, this story begins.

– Have parents die as a teenager
– Run away as a Teenager
– Lose all contact with your sister as a Teenager
– Find love with a criminal
– Experience near death at the hands of your lover
– Find someone new after becoming BFFs with your sister as Adult
– Marry, have one child
– Must move back to original Legacy Lot

Generation 5.5

Elsa – “Yes I’m alone, but I’m alone and free”

Your parents always questioned where your powers came from. You were a quiet type after… the accident. All you wanted was to be alone, unable to harm anyone. When Elsa becomes a teenager, this story begins.

– Must have the ‘Loner’ trait
– Have parents die as a YA
– Lose all contact with your sister
– Find an befriend your sister as Adult
– Never marry and only have one child (it was an accident, you swear by it)
– May never move away from the original Legacy Lot

(If after any generation you wish to end the challenge, you may not have kids. It is entirely up to you. I go by the motto that it’s your game, play how you want to play)

Generation 6

Rapunzel – “You were wrong about the world, and you were wrong about me”

Your mother never trusted you or the outside world. You never knew of her past, and never wanted to. All you ever got was solitude, but that didn’t matter. When Rapunzel is a teenager this story begins

– Must have ‘Loner’ ‘Shy’ and ‘Art Lover’ traits
– Must paint for an hour each day
– Must reach at least level 8 painting before YA
– May only ever leave the house for school
– Lover can have any Career, Rapunzel’s love in the original story was a Prince, so a job related to fortune would be good
– Elope – you have no friends anyway
– Lover must move in with you
– Have Kids

Generation 7

Belle – “People think I’m odd, so I know how it feels to be different”

You always loved books and visited the library often. You never cared for looks, just beauty within. Everyone wanted you, but you turned them all down. You wanted to chose your own destiny. When Belle becomes a YA, this story begins.

– Must have ‘Bookworm’ trait
– Date at least 5 men
– Meet the man of your dreams – an ugly Sim
– Spouse must move in with you
– Marry, have kids
– Your spouse becomes beautiful (Changed in CAS) after first born child

Generation 8

Mulan – “Could it be, that if I were truly to be myself, I would break my family’s heart”

Your parents always wanted you to bring fortune back to the family and marry someone of high status, but you didn’t dream of love, you dreamed of glory. When Mulan becomes a YA this story begins

– Must have ‘Active’ trait
– Must join Astronaut career
– Fall in love with a co-worker once you reach the top of the career choice
– Love moves in with you
– Marry, have kids

Generation 9

Jasmine – “A whole new world, a hundred thousand things to see”

You hated being rich and living like a princess. You find comfort in Raja, but nowhere else. All your father wants is for you to marry rich, but you want a life without riches. When Jasmine becomes a teenager this story begins.

– Have a best friend (Raja)
– You cannot leave the house unless it is for school
– Must marry a poor street rat
– Lover must be in the criminal career
– Lover must move in with you
– Have a maximum of 4 children

Generation 10

Merida – “If you had the chance to change your fate, would you?”

You always wondered why your mother gave up her riches for a poor boy. Your adventures lead you into trouble, and you were nearly always grounded. When Merida becomes a teenager this story begins.

– Have the ‘Self Assured’ trait
– Lose your siblings and mother in an unfortunate accident
– Seek out a way to change the past but fail
– You do not believe in love – never marry
– You believe you are cursed – never have children
– Grow up alone and regretful

(These last three conditions are only in place because it is the last generation. If you wish to continue afterwards then Merida may marry and have kids)

S4 – Disney Legacy Challenge Chapters

It Begins…

Moving Forward 

Moving Day



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