S4-Not So Berry Challenge-New Love?


After a long week of work Green Mint decided to go out an visit a nearby, Asian park, well there she met another woman an they had an great game of chess.

03-03-17_4-22-24 PM

After Chess Green was hungry and decided to cook up some Sushi for everyone

03-03-17_4-26-09 PM

It wasn’t as good as she’d hoped

03-03-17_4-27-04 PM

Later she met a kind, young man

03-03-17_4-34-41 PM

They both hit it off, it was nice to meet someone easy to get a long with unlike her Ex, this guy seemed young, sweet an innocent. Wanting to get to know him better she invited him back to her place.

03-03-17_4-37-04 PM

Before long they both fell hard and he stayed the night together

03-03-17_4-39-43 PM

03-03-17_4-50-11 PM

03-03-17_4-51-11 PM

Both fell asleep in one another’s arms enjoying the comfort of the other.


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