BTP Apocalypse Challenge – Nearly Done..

Life was hard on the Island for Josh an Sarah because sometimes at night the odd Vampire would sneak about. Their days were sent building an collecting and due to this an a lack of other, adult company the two found comfort in talking an venting to one another.

02-25-17_2-20-02 PM

It was hard work but soon they had been able to build a basement on to their small, 5X5 home and decided to make a bedroom down there.At first there was only one bed so they took turns resting.

03-06-17_7-32-33 PM

Soon however Josh was able to turn the double into two, single beds so both could rest at the same time.

03-06-17_8-35-27 PM

After a while Sarah’s Garden was growing well an providing food an extra income

03-06-17_7-43-03 PM

Soon with Josh’s woodworking skills growing known around the Island, more survivors began to buy his furniture, this gave the two enough wood to build a kitchen

03-06-17_10-37-51 PM

With a kitchen an vegetables from Sarah’s Garden meals were prepared an helped with hunger

03-06-17_8-11-00 PM

In trade Josh had acquired an easel for Sarah to paint on

03-06-17_9-40-58 PM

An he started working on various, calming routines to help hi when he was tense from all the hard work

03-06-17_9-47-05 PM

Soon the two had a comfortable bathroom as well which they both enjoyed, separately soaking in. Sarah had learned various, herbs an often mixed them to provide a calming an muscle relaxing bath.This helped a lot because lately Sarah had been feeling sick in the morning when she woke.

03-06-17_10-06-11 PM

One day Sarah woke to find she’d put on weight and to her surprise was Pregnant, Sarah didn’t understand this because she hadn’t been with anyone

03-06-17_11-20-45 PM

Sarah told Josh who was as confused as her, he even touched her stomach to investigate an see if she truly was Pregnant.

03-06-17_11-21-28 PM

It was confirmed she was but who’s child was it? Regardless Josh being her best friend agreed to help her raise the child. He began collect more an more wood to make a crib for the baby. He also expanded the house to a second, 5X5 floor so there was room for the new child.


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