S4-Not So Berry Challenge-Green Mint Tea

S4-Not So Berry Challenge-Introduction

As some know I like to try Challenges, so when lilsimsie an her friend introduced this Challenge I decided to try it.

S4-Not So Berry Challenge-Green Mint Tea

S4-Not So Berry Challenge -New Love?

S4-Not So Berry Challenge-Triplet’s Oh My..

S4- Not So Berry Challenge-C4

S4-Not So Berry Challenge-Chapter 5

S4-Not So Berry Challenge-Chapter 6

S4-Not So Berry Challenge-Chapter 7

S4-Not So Berry Challenge-Green Mint Tea-Generation 1

Green Mint Tea decided she needed a fresh start after the recent relationship she’s just escaped from. She settled in a small, Asian Village several hours West of her previous home.

She arrived late a night because it had been the only time she’d been able to escape her abusive Ex. She didn’t have much money but had always been good at Science an so decided to take a job in the Science Career in the morning.


After settling in her new home she realized how hungry she was an sat down for a quiet meal.



After her meal she turned in for the night but was up early for a cup of fresh, squeezed juice.


Also since she was Vegetarian she decided to start her own Garden so she could grow an use her own Fruits an Vegetables.


She also took a walk about the neighborhood to collect a few things here an there to sell to help her money situation until her Garden grew



Next morning she started her new job at the Science Lab





It wasn’t long before her brilliance came out an she created a Freeze Ray

03-03-17_12-43-13-pmImpressed with her skill she received a promotion on her first day, things were looking .


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