S4-Life N The Woods -Fire, Love…


As time progressed for Bambi An Buck developed a daily routine that involved gardening, fishing, cooking an getting as much done on their home as possible. After so much hard work, Bambi was soon growing better an better plants well Buck was catching better quality fish an cooking better quality meals.


Sometimes in the evening they’d share time around the camp fire after a long day of work an Buck would tell stories.


Buck would get pretty into his stories an it would make the time all the more enjoyable…


Soon Bambi had extra time an began to also craft at the workbench making furniture for their new home.


One day Bambi was resting an Buck was cooking over the open fire, suddenly a fire broke out consuming Buck


Bambi came running out, terrified she might loose him and not even realizing she forgot to dress she put the fire out saving his life.


Bambi saving his life caused a change in their blossoming relationship and Bambi kissed Buck.


Though Buck was surprised by the kiss he quickly responded pulling her into his arms an leading her to the bedroom. He wanted their first time to be as comfortable and loving as possible for them both an Bambi didn’t object.


Buck was surprised when Bambi seemed to be as into it as he was but he didn’t object, what man would.



Buck couldn’t help it, like Bambi he came an came again


When it was over both were spent an fell asleep in one another’s arm.


Morning came way too fast for Buck as he made his way through the Forest to the Waterfall they’d discovered awhile back to shower.


Bambi woke up shortly after Buck feeling sick an quickly ran to a nearby bush that was often used as a toilet.


It didn’t take long for Bambi to realize a little one was on the way


In the days to come they both worked harder then ever to finish an somewhat furnish their home, it was worth it because soon they had a kitchen and a few Toddler things.


Soon their home was finished enough to house their growing family, everything in their home had been made by them but their was still much to do.



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