S4-Life N The Woods – Meet Bambi Deer

Bambi loved living in the wood’s, it was quiet, safe an far away from civilization and since Bambi was no ordinary Sim it was the best place for her.


Bambi spent her days tending to her Garden, exploring the Forest and socializing with the forest creatures.


She also enjoyed fishing though she never ate the fish she saved it for her Forest friends


Nights were spent settled by the fire with Cuddles an Howler an sometimes fuzzy would visit as well


As time passed Bambi met Buck


Buck enjoyed working at the crafting bench he’d made of stone, he often made great things like garbage can’s, tables etc from the wood an feather’s he collected on his daily romps.

Bambi’s forest friends also seemed to like Buck as well an Bambi liked him just fine, she was happy for the company of another like herself.



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