S4-Life N The Woods Challenge

Since I’m nearly done the BTP Challenge, I was looking on YouTube an found that ashvinelf was doing a challenge called Life N The Woods. So I decided to also try this challenge by following their rules.

I’ve since finished Life N The Woods and want to say thank you ashvinelf for this amazing challenge.

Life N The Woods

+= Challenge Rules & Conditions =+

○ Getting Started ○

You must make a Sim based on a forest animal!

○ Approved Starter Items ○

① Bed or Tent
② One form on entertainment [Guitar, Easel, etc…] Television is not allowed!
③ 3 Starter Pots
④ Chair
[Decoration is allowed]

{{ Outdoor Retreat Items }}

① Cooler
② Fireplace

○ End Goals ○

– Have an 8 by 8 house worth 50,000 dollars (Complete)
– Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen and Bedroom (Complete)

Changes I Made

As you know I like to make these Challenge’s as realistic as I can, here’s the changes I made.

  • No Tent
  • Empty World
  • 50 By 50 Forest Lot
  • Can only eat what you grow
  • Must have Vegetarian Trait
  • Can’t leave the Forest Lot
  • Bushes for Bathroom an Sleep
  • Make your own stuff using the Crafting Table Mod at MTS
  • Can only sell plants you grow to make money or things you craft on the Crafting Table

Challenge Accepted, Challenge Completed!

LifeNTheWoods Chapters

Meet Bambi Deer

Enter Buck

Fire, Love…


Happily Ever After

CC I Used

EmuMaster2002 Fur Skin

Deer Antlers

Jenni Sims Animals 1

Jenni Sims Animals 2

Snatif Buyable Ponds

Crafting Table Mod

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