BTP (Bring The Party) Apocalypse Challenge

BTP Apocalypse Challenge Prologue

We watched the sky darken to a sickly shade of orange as meteorites rained down upon us all over the world. Huge tidal waves crashed into our cities wiping them out in moments as ash filled the air from volcanoes erupting. Billions died and few survived, we called it End Of Day’s.

When the sun rose the following day our eyes fell upon our scorched land the few of us that had survived headed underground to try an rebuild out civilizations, we thought the worst was behind us.

Centuries passed as the Earth slowly began to heal itself and our populations began to increase to a point where our underground cities were becoming over filled.Yet everyone born was warned never to go above an told stories of the terrible horrors that had befallen our ancestors.So no one went above as generation were born, grew and died beneath the earth.

Finally when things were desperate a few of us brave Sims ventured above to see if the World was ready for us to be reborn. Our eyes fell upon a beautiful, green world and crystal, blue waters. Tiny Island’s had formed from the erupting Volcanoes an they were fertile an ripe with plants an wildlife.

We headed back to give our report and soon more people followed us brave Sims to the world above as Camps an Colonies began to rise up across our new world, finally we were reborn but then they came.

Being beneath the Earth for so long none of us new that the nuclear after effects from End of Day’s had birthed a new form of Sim. This Sim was faster, stronger and fed on the blood of living creatures. Yet when the Earth became reborn and we started to come from beneath it to rebuild our world they began to wake.

Soon our Camp’s an Colonies were under attack on a nightly bases because they had but one weakness, sunlight. Our people began to scatter because of this, after all we’d been through fate was tossing more our way. Many of us escaped to far, away Island’s out in the vast water’s of our Ocean’s safe from what we called the Vampire scourge an that’s where your Sim comes in.


BTP Apocalypse Challenge

If you’ve read this far you likely realize that this is a new Sims 4 Challenge, this Challenge was re-created by my favorite Twitch Streamer and his fan’s Bring The Party/Josh Caron. This Challenge is our version of the original Apocalypse Challenge because we didn’t like the original Challenge so together we made our own. Now were currently playing, testing this Challenge so things may be added or removed as we progress, so be sure to keep updated by following Bring The Party on Twitch or checking Here.


Your Sim or Sims have escaped one of the several Colonies that was attacked by Vampires,  you grabbed what little you could, hoped in an old dingy an sailed for many days to a desolate Island in the middle of the Sim Ocean. Once there you’ve decided to try an survive with a few, basic things.


  1. Empty the Windenberg Island of all houses
  2. Place 4 Sims in neighboring lot for socializing purposes (they escaped as well)
  3. Build as many Sims as desired for your house (the more the harder)
  4. Purchase an Empty plot of land
  5. Place campfire, bush, tent, shower and a woodworking table
  6. Money set to 0


  1. Only able to eat caught or found items
  2. Campfire can only be used to roast “roasted fish” if you have fish in your inventory
  3. No traveling to other worlds, or other neighborhoods, besides the bluffs
  4. Bills are 0 (use money cheat to pay bills)
  5. No electrical appliances until you build the generator,(use candles for light) bathtub and toilet made at workbench
  6. No cellphone (no service)
  7. When Handiness is 10 you can build a Generator for electricity (one generator can run 8 items)
  8. No breeding frogs for money or selling fossils or fish, must only sell plants for money or products made from woodworking table
  9. NO JOBS
  10. No cheating

Woodworking Table Rules

  1. 1 Bar-stool equals 1 wall (Sell chair build a wall)
  2. Get money to make things at the woodworking table by collecting and selling plants
  3. Also money collected by selling plants can be used to buy other things for your Sim


  1. Make a safe house (top floor 5×5 and basement 5×5)

Since I was looking for a more realistic challenge for my Sims I did a few modifications of my own but for the most part I’m playing the Challenge as is.

  • I started with 2 Sims, a girl an boy
  • I started with a empty save file, no lots of any type in any of my Worlds
  • I emptied Forgotten Hallow myself becuase it wasn’t part of the save file but since we can’t empty San Myshuno I plan to simply ignore it’s existance for this challenge
  • I gave my Sims two bushes, one for Pee an one for Sleep
  • I did give them a campfire an woodworking bench as well but no tent
  • I installed the swim to gain Hygiene Mod an made them a natural looking pond
  • I put the whole Woodworking Mod series into my game created by Leniad at MTS so my Sims have to make everything they need/want using the Woodworking Bench
  • My aging is on an set to normal so that I can have several generations of Sims
  • My end goal is the have a 5×5 safe house for my Sims

BTP Apocalypse Challenge – My Beginning

BTP Apocalypse Challenge – Moving Forward

BTP Apocalypse Challenge – Nearly Done…

BTP Apocalypse Challenge – Toddler Trouble

BTP Apocalypse Challenge – Challenge Complete!


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