S4-Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge -Chapter 61 -Area 31

After much thought Turquoise decided to move her family from Fey Grove back into the real world. Well looking on the Computer an reading up on information about the recent Vampire Sightings she discovered a small town called Area 31.tumblr_of2g8nvgrf1visvpso9_1280

It looked like just the right place for her an her family to go to stay safe, an so she packed the kids an they moved that night.


Her new home however was rather small an only had two bedrooms, since she’d left Vaughan she’d also left a lot of money behind. Lucky for her the new home had a large Garden, being part Fey she decided to use the plants to raise money to expand the house.


When she worked in the Garden she often took her Angel’s out to enjoy the sun an fresh air, it was also an easier way to watch them.

Soon after much love an care she’d made some decent money an placed a few, extra things for the kids to play with an learn from.


When she wasn’t Gardening she was playing an teaching the twins, after all, one day they’d take on her Demon daughter, though she only planned to tell them when they reached Teen.


She was soon able to expand the house to a second floor, though soon after the expansion a stranger came a knocking.


With reports of Vampires out a about she didn’t answer the door, Vampires tended to enjoy her Fey blood.

Next night before it got too dark she introduced the twins to their first Bonfire an story, they really loved it.


With their birthday coming fast an most of the work done she planned a family outing the next day an took the family to the park an after playing her twins enjoyed their first puppet show put on by their older sister.



All too soon her darling Angel’s grew into Children, she was a little sad but proud to watch them grow.



Soon after the Twins grew into children Turquoise new it was time to continue with the next phase of her challenge, so later that night once the twins were home an everyone was settled into bed she headed out on the town with her older kids.


Well out she met several people, even a young couple, there was something about this couple that pulled her in. Later that night the couple walked her home an one thing, lead to another.


She’d never been with a couple before but it was amazing, as they all took turns worshiping one another’s bodies under the Moonlight.When it was done she was exhausted but pleasured beyond belief, it was by far the best time she’d ever had.

Morning came sooner then she liked as they parted ways, when she woke she found herself making a dash for the toilet.


She new it could only mean one thing an overjoyed she took the whole family out to dinner that night, well out Joephanite Flare grew into a Teenager.




Fey naturally had a faster pregnancy then most considering one of the things Fey enjoyed most was sex an procreation so she wasn’t surprised when she started to show more quickly.


She also wasn’t surprised when she learned she was carrying twins again, most Fey from her line gave birth to more then one child at a time, it was part of sustaining their population.

Since Human’s hunted Fey for their Wings an Fairy Dust an Vampires hunted them for their sweet blood her Race didn’t last as long as she had. However this new knowledge of the Twins growing within her made her realize it was time for a move to a larger home to support her growing family.


She settled for a much, larger home that had a 5 Bedrooms, three bathrooms an a full yard, kitchen, living room and dining room.


Everyone settled in well and a few of the rooms had to be re-decorated to better suit her children’s taste.


In no time she once again gave birth to her next, set of Twins, another Girl an Boy an named them.

Kasoite (Kas) Flare


Katoite (Kat) Flare


Once born everyone settled into sleep, it had been a busy, couple days, needless to say she was surprised to wake the next day an upon checking on her new Twins to find they had grown into Toddler’s over night.

Kasoite (Kas) Flare


Katoite (Kat) Flare


It was then an only then did she realize these were not ordinary Toddler’s, oh no these were Vampire/Fey Half Breed’s, though not the first of their kind they were definitely a rare breed. She had not raised Vampire/Fey Children before but her sister Diamond had an she suspected she was going to need help with these Toddler’s.


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