S4-Life N The Woods -Fire, Love…


As time progressed for Bambi An Buck developed a daily routine that involved gardening, fishing, cooking an getting as much done on their home as possible. After so much hard work, Bambi was soon growing better an better plants well Buck was catching better quality fish an cooking better quality meals.


Sometimes in the evening they’d share time around the camp fire after a long day of work an Buck would tell stories.


Buck would get pretty into his stories an it would make the time all the more enjoyable…


Soon Bambi had extra time an began to also craft at the workbench making furniture for their new home.


One day Bambi was resting an Buck was cooking over the open fire, suddenly a fire broke out consuming Buck


Bambi came running out, terrified she might loose him and not even realizing she forgot to dress she put the fire out saving his life.


Bambi saving his life caused a change in their blossoming relationship and Bambi kissed Buck.


Though Buck was surprised by the kiss he quickly responded pulling her into his arms an leading her to the bedroom. He wanted their first time to be as comfortable and loving as possible for them both an Bambi didn’t object.


Buck was surprised when Bambi seemed to be as into it as he was but he didn’t object, what man would.



Buck couldn’t help it, like Bambi he came an came again


When it was over both were spent an fell asleep in one another’s arm.


Morning came way too fast for Buck as he made his way through the Forest to the Waterfall they’d discovered awhile back to shower.


Bambi woke up shortly after Buck feeling sick an quickly ran to a nearby bush that was often used as a toilet.


It didn’t take long for Bambi to realize a little one was on the way


In the days to come they both worked harder then ever to finish an somewhat furnish their home, it was worth it because soon they had a kitchen and a few Toddler things.


Soon their home was finished enough to house their growing family, everything in their home had been made by them but their was still much to do.


S4-Life N The Woods -Enter Buck

Bambi was feeling a bit lonely in her wooded home, though all the Forest animals kept her company it wasn’t the same as company of her own kind.02-20-17_12-19-57-pm

So when she met Buck she was thrilled to have some company


Together they were able to get more done, Buck often worked at the crafting table well Bambi did the Gardening.



Buck also did a lot of Fishing an frog catching when he wasn’t crafting


Bambi tried but didn’t like fishing or catching frogs


Soon Buck made a bench for them to sleep on, for a time they shared


Soon they had a bed an a bench that Buck made, an the walls started going up for their home


S4-Life N The Woods – Meet Bambi Deer

Bambi loved living in the wood’s, it was quiet, safe an far away from civilization and since Bambi was no ordinary Sim it was the best place for her.


Bambi spent her days tending to her Garden, exploring the Forest and socializing with the forest creatures.


She also enjoyed fishing though she never ate the fish she saved it for her Forest friends


Nights were spent settled by the fire with Cuddles an Howler an sometimes fuzzy would visit as well


As time passed Bambi met Buck


Buck enjoyed working at the crafting bench he’d made of stone, he often made great things like garbage can’s, tables etc from the wood an feather’s he collected on his daily romps.

Bambi’s forest friends also seemed to like Buck as well an Bambi liked him just fine, she was happy for the company of another like herself.


S4-Life N The Woods Challenge

Since I’m nearly done the BTP Challenge, I was looking on YouTube an found that ashvinelf was doing a challenge called Life N The Woods. So I decided to also try this challenge by following their rules.

I’ve since finished Life N The Woods and want to say thank you ashvinelf for this amazing challenge.

Life N The Woods

+= Challenge Rules & Conditions =+

○ Getting Started ○

You must make a Sim based on a forest animal!

○ Approved Starter Items ○

① Bed or Tent
② One form on entertainment [Guitar, Easel, etc…] Television is not allowed!
③ 3 Starter Pots
④ Chair
[Decoration is allowed]

{{ Outdoor Retreat Items }}

① Cooler
② Fireplace

○ End Goals ○

– Have an 8 by 8 house worth 50,000 dollars (Complete)
– Bathroom, Living Room, Kitchen and Bedroom (Complete)

Changes I Made

As you know I like to make these Challenge’s as realistic as I can, here’s the changes I made.

  • No Tent
  • Empty World
  • 50 By 50 Forest Lot
  • Can only eat what you grow
  • Must have Vegetarian Trait
  • Can’t leave the Forest Lot
  • Bushes for Bathroom an Sleep
  • Make your own stuff using the Crafting Table Mod at MTS
  • Can only sell plants you grow to make money or things you craft on the Crafting Table

Challenge Accepted, Challenge Completed!

LifeNTheWoods Chapters

Meet Bambi Deer

Enter Buck

Fire, Love…


Happily Ever After

CC I Used

EmuMaster2002 Fur Skin

Deer Antlers

Jenni Sims Animals 1

Jenni Sims Animals 2

Snatif Buyable Ponds

Crafting Table Mod

S4-Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge -Chapter 63-Party Time!

Turquoise not knowing what Lilith was up to simply kept moving forward, trying to accomplish the task at hand. With Joe’s help she was able to train Kas an Kat a bit more easily an appreciated the help.



Kas an Kat being fast learners also would teach themselves when a lone, they seemed to love to learn.



Soon they were able to do most things on their own an started spending more time wandering


They also grew to really love plays an often their older siblings would put plays on for them



Knowing Kas an Kat’s birthday was just around the corner as well as Kao an Kim, Turquoise decided to head out an find her next baby daddy.



It didn’t take her long to find her new baby daddy and not wanting to wait the two decided to have a bit of fun in the club





After an amazing night with her new lover Turquoise headed home to plan a birthday party for Kas, Kat, Kao an Kim.


She decided to have the party at the local puppet theater


Everyone had a great time an before long everyone aged up









After the party everyone was pretty exhausted an turned in for the night, meanwhile Turquoise learned she wasn’t Pregnant an decided to invite her new lover over for a second go around





Hopefully this would lead to another child…

BTP (Bring The Party) Apocalypse Challenge -Moving Forward

Soon after things started progressing a fire broke out at the camp


However brave Josh put it out


Josh then returned to building, understanding how important a safe place was to live


Well Josh built Sarah fished an collected setting up a home Garden for food



Josh’s first creation was a bench, not great but it sure beat sleeping in a bush


Soon they both found more uses for the bench


After a bit more work Josh was able to make things for trade an begin building wall’s for their new home.


Soon they had a new home with a few, basic things


However they weren’t done yet…


S4-Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge-Chapter 62-Lilith

After Turquoise left, Vaughan an Jacinth had to sell the Condo an move to a smaller home due to lack of finances. They moved to a small town Vaughan found online called Forgotten Hallow.


It was pretty easy to settle into an Jacinth loved it, it was dark, quiet an because she was more Lilith now she new it was home to some elder Vampires.

02-07-17_3-31-26-pmSoon Jacinth grew into a Young Adult an Lilith fully took over.


Lilith began to spend more an more an more time out an about at night in hopes of attracting an Elder Vampire.


It wasn’t long before she found exactly what she was looking for “You know who I am Vladius?”


“Yes Mistress, you are my dark queen.”


“Very good, I have a task for you, let us head inside to discuss this further.”


“Whatever you wish great Lilith.”


” Your going to turn me Vladius, this human shell does not have the strength I require to complete my task. Your also going to give me a child, our child will be a powerful Vampire/Demon Hybrid an will help me complete my task.”


Vladius didn’t look overly enthusiastic to do these required tasks but one new you did not question or argue with your Queen. “As you wish.”

“Good let us begin, child first then you will turn me to be sure our child is Vampire.”


“Harder Vladius, I’m a demon Queen who lives for this.”


” Now bite me so the turning will begin an then we shall continue to make sure I get Pregnant.”


“Yes Vladius that’s it.”





“Perfect Vladius I will know soon if I am with our child.”


“Yes I can feel the power running through me, the turn has begun.”


It didn’t take long for Lilith to feel their demon child growing within her, she could feel it’s power, it’s hunger an Vlad seemed to feel it too an asked for her hand.


Lilith said yes, with Vlad she could make her own, powerful, demon army.


Their child began to quickly grow within her an she told Vlad an his ghostly mother.


Vladius was most pleased with the news…


BTP (Bring The Party) Apocalypse Challenge – My Beginning

Once they reached the Island Sarah an Josh found a lovely area with a natural pool, fishing pond and plenty of trees for shelter.


Once everything was set up they both got to work creating furniture, collecting plants an fishing.



Sarah tried her hand at woodworking but darkness came pretty fast an she found she didn’t much like woodworking.


However Josh had a great time catching fish an provided dinner for the first night




BTP (Bring The Party) Apocalypse Challenge

BTP Apocalypse Challenge Prologue

We watched the sky darken to a sickly shade of orange as meteorites rained down upon us all over the world. Huge tidal waves crashed into our cities wiping them out in moments as ash filled the air from volcanoes erupting. Billions died and few survived, we called it End Of Day’s.

When the sun rose the following day our eyes fell upon our scorched land the few of us that had survived headed underground to try an rebuild out civilizations, we thought the worst was behind us.

Centuries passed as the Earth slowly began to heal itself and our populations began to increase to a point where our underground cities were becoming over filled.Yet everyone born was warned never to go above an told stories of the terrible horrors that had befallen our ancestors.So no one went above as generation were born, grew and died beneath the earth.

Finally when things were desperate a few of us brave Sims ventured above to see if the World was ready for us to be reborn. Our eyes fell upon a beautiful, green world and crystal, blue waters. Tiny Island’s had formed from the erupting Volcanoes an they were fertile an ripe with plants an wildlife.

We headed back to give our report and soon more people followed us brave Sims to the world above as Camps an Colonies began to rise up across our new world, finally we were reborn but then they came.

Being beneath the Earth for so long none of us new that the nuclear after effects from End of Day’s had birthed a new form of Sim. This Sim was faster, stronger and fed on the blood of living creatures. Yet when the Earth became reborn and we started to come from beneath it to rebuild our world they began to wake.

Soon our Camp’s an Colonies were under attack on a nightly bases because they had but one weakness, sunlight. Our people began to scatter because of this, after all we’d been through fate was tossing more our way. Many of us escaped to far, away Island’s out in the vast water’s of our Ocean’s safe from what we called the Vampire scourge an that’s where your Sim comes in.


BTP Apocalypse Challenge

If you’ve read this far you likely realize that this is a new Sims 4 Challenge, this Challenge was re-created by my favorite Twitch Streamer and his fan’s Bring The Party/Josh Caron. This Challenge is our version of the original Apocalypse Challenge because we didn’t like the original Challenge so together we made our own. Now were currently playing, testing this Challenge so things may be added or removed as we progress, so be sure to keep updated by following Bring The Party on Twitch or checking Here.


Your Sim or Sims have escaped one of the several Colonies that was attacked by Vampires,  you grabbed what little you could, hoped in an old dingy an sailed for many days to a desolate Island in the middle of the Sim Ocean. Once there you’ve decided to try an survive with a few, basic things.


  1. Empty the Windenberg Island of all houses
  2. Place 4 Sims in neighboring lot for socializing purposes (they escaped as well)
  3. Build as many Sims as desired for your house (the more the harder)
  4. Purchase an Empty plot of land
  5. Place campfire, bush, tent, shower and a woodworking table
  6. Money set to 0


  1. Only able to eat caught or found items
  2. Campfire can only be used to roast “roasted fish” if you have fish in your inventory
  3. No traveling to other worlds, or other neighborhoods, besides the bluffs
  4. Bills are 0 (use money cheat to pay bills)
  5. No electrical appliances until you build the generator,(use candles for light) bathtub and toilet made at workbench
  6. No cellphone (no service)
  7. When Handiness is 10 you can build a Generator for electricity (one generator can run 8 items)
  8. No breeding frogs for money or selling fossils or fish, must only sell plants for money or products made from woodworking table
  9. NO JOBS
  10. No cheating

Woodworking Table Rules

  1. 1 Bar-stool equals 1 wall (Sell chair build a wall)
  2. Get money to make things at the woodworking table by collecting and selling plants
  3. Also money collected by selling plants can be used to buy other things for your Sim


  1. Make a safe house (top floor 5×5 and basement 5×5)

Since I was looking for a more realistic challenge for my Sims I did a few modifications of my own but for the most part I’m playing the Challenge as is.

  • I started with 2 Sims, a girl an boy
  • I started with a empty save file, no lots of any type in any of my Worlds
  • I emptied Forgotten Hallow myself becuase it wasn’t part of the save file but since we can’t empty San Myshuno I plan to simply ignore it’s existance for this challenge
  • I gave my Sims two bushes, one for Pee an one for Sleep
  • I did give them a campfire an woodworking bench as well but no tent
  • I installed the swim to gain Hygiene Mod an made them a natural looking pond
  • I put the whole Woodworking Mod series into my game created by Leniad at MTS so my Sims have to make everything they need/want using the Woodworking Bench
  • My aging is on an set to normal so that I can have several generations of Sims
  • My end goal is the have a 5×5 safe house for my Sims

BTP Apocalypse Challenge – My Beginning

BTP Apocalypse Challenge – Moving Forward

BTP Apocalypse Challenge – Nearly Done…

BTP Apocalypse Challenge – Toddler Trouble

BTP Apocalypse Challenge – Challenge Complete!

S4-Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge -Chapter 61 -Area 31

After much thought Turquoise decided to move her family from Fey Grove back into the real world. Well looking on the Computer an reading up on information about the recent Vampire Sightings she discovered a small town called Area 31.tumblr_of2g8nvgrf1visvpso9_1280

It looked like just the right place for her an her family to go to stay safe, an so she packed the kids an they moved that night.


Her new home however was rather small an only had two bedrooms, since she’d left Vaughan she’d also left a lot of money behind. Lucky for her the new home had a large Garden, being part Fey she decided to use the plants to raise money to expand the house.


When she worked in the Garden she often took her Angel’s out to enjoy the sun an fresh air, it was also an easier way to watch them.

Soon after much love an care she’d made some decent money an placed a few, extra things for the kids to play with an learn from.


When she wasn’t Gardening she was playing an teaching the twins, after all, one day they’d take on her Demon daughter, though she only planned to tell them when they reached Teen.


She was soon able to expand the house to a second floor, though soon after the expansion a stranger came a knocking.


With reports of Vampires out a about she didn’t answer the door, Vampires tended to enjoy her Fey blood.

Next night before it got too dark she introduced the twins to their first Bonfire an story, they really loved it.


With their birthday coming fast an most of the work done she planned a family outing the next day an took the family to the park an after playing her twins enjoyed their first puppet show put on by their older sister.



All too soon her darling Angel’s grew into Children, she was a little sad but proud to watch them grow.



Soon after the Twins grew into children Turquoise new it was time to continue with the next phase of her challenge, so later that night once the twins were home an everyone was settled into bed she headed out on the town with her older kids.


Well out she met several people, even a young couple, there was something about this couple that pulled her in. Later that night the couple walked her home an one thing, lead to another.


She’d never been with a couple before but it was amazing, as they all took turns worshiping one another’s bodies under the Moonlight.When it was done she was exhausted but pleasured beyond belief, it was by far the best time she’d ever had.

Morning came sooner then she liked as they parted ways, when she woke she found herself making a dash for the toilet.


She new it could only mean one thing an overjoyed she took the whole family out to dinner that night, well out Joephanite Flare grew into a Teenager.




Fey naturally had a faster pregnancy then most considering one of the things Fey enjoyed most was sex an procreation so she wasn’t surprised when she started to show more quickly.


She also wasn’t surprised when she learned she was carrying twins again, most Fey from her line gave birth to more then one child at a time, it was part of sustaining their population.

Since Human’s hunted Fey for their Wings an Fairy Dust an Vampires hunted them for their sweet blood her Race didn’t last as long as she had. However this new knowledge of the Twins growing within her made her realize it was time for a move to a larger home to support her growing family.


She settled for a much, larger home that had a 5 Bedrooms, three bathrooms an a full yard, kitchen, living room and dining room.


Everyone settled in well and a few of the rooms had to be re-decorated to better suit her children’s taste.


In no time she once again gave birth to her next, set of Twins, another Girl an Boy an named them.

Kasoite (Kas) Flare


Katoite (Kat) Flare


Once born everyone settled into sleep, it had been a busy, couple days, needless to say she was surprised to wake the next day an upon checking on her new Twins to find they had grown into Toddler’s over night.

Kasoite (Kas) Flare


Katoite (Kat) Flare


It was then an only then did she realize these were not ordinary Toddler’s, oh no these were Vampire/Fey Half Breed’s, though not the first of their kind they were definitely a rare breed. She had not raised Vampire/Fey Children before but her sister Diamond had an she suspected she was going to need help with these Toddler’s.