Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge – Chapter 57

Soon after Joephinite was born Turquoise new it was time to head out on the hunt again, so she told  Nhguav she was going out to a nearby, local club for a few hours. Though  Nhguav new that she was doing the 100 Baby Challenge he thought she’d put it on hold well they were together an thought  Joephinite was his daughter an Turquoise never told him different and so soon after arriving at the club she found her next baby daddy an turned on the charm as they started talking.


Talking soon moved to kissing as Turquoise was a very, charming an irresistible woman.


Soon kissing lead to sex…






Turquoise headed home once it was over to take a Pregnancy test which came back positive. She then turned her attention to her daughter  Joephinite as Jose grew into a young lady.



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