Illyianna’s Sims 100 Baby Challenge-Chapter 56

Where we left of Turquoise and her family were getting ready to move to the City of  San Myshuno. After Christmas passed they did just that an settled in a lovely seven bedroom house near the water.

It wasn’t long after the move that Turquoise began her hunt for the next baby daddy, she felt she’d taken a long enough break and at child forty-nine it was time to get moving.


After the two talked for a bit about various things, one thing soon moved to the next.




Soon after Turquoise headed home to take a Pregnancy Test, when it came out positive she was excited to know a new baby was on the way. However she kept to the story that it was Nhguav’s as the man was a bit possessive an frankly could be scary.

Despite being pregnant Turquoise still kept doing the things she liked doing, where as some women would stop not her.





Well Turquoise was working through her pregnancy she wasn’t aware how much her daughter Jacinth’s magic was growing. She also wasn’t aware that  Nhguav had started teaching their daughter dark magic.



Nor was she aware of how much her daughter enjoyed hurting other people




Soon however Turquoise found herself in Labor an at the Hospital



She welcomed another daughter, a human child who she named Joephinite Flare




4 responses to “Illyianna’s Sims 100 Baby Challenge-Chapter 56

  1. Heya, found your blog because I got hardcore into Sims 3 and i refuse to fork over what I’d earn in a year on top of selling my kidneys to the black market to have basic items such as “more furniture” :p Thank you very much for uploading all that sims 3 content, surprised the links are still working though, since the posts are a few years old now.

    Anyway, I tend to ramble, the gist is; Thanks for uploading and wasting money on all that EA greed so people such as me whom dont the cash to buy all those millions of expansions can get some enjoyment out of them too 🙂

    I hope you got your life back on track, and if you havent, then just keep your chin up. Dont let life get’cha down ^^

    • Also, as a side note; I saw you’re using WhickedWoohoo, I hope those talented animators will find a way to make it more interesting, I am only playing Sims 3 right now due to the amount of content KinkyWorld gives, (+ it just seems.. wrong that the bodies are so stiff during sex.. Like watching 2 dolls being smashed together in a way the person controlling the dolls once heard was catagorized as ‘sex’)

      • I love Sims 3 an Kinky but Sims 3 is so slow to load that I’m more into Sims 4 now. If Sims 3 could load as fast as Sims 4 I’d so go back to Sims 3 there’s just so much more to do in Sims 3. Glad you found my Blog an like it. 🙂

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