Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge -Chapter 58

Soon Turquoise gave birth to a son she named Kunzite Flare and once he grew into a child it was time for Christmas Vacation. So together the family went to a cute little town an rented a lovely Christmas house to spend time.


Cool thing about this house was it even had a few, early Christmas presents scattered about


Since the kids hardly ever saw snow they spent time playing outside in it, making snowmen an snow angels an watching the stars



They also enjoyed playing in the workshop


On Christmas Day Turquoise made a from scratch, home cooked breakfast an the kids put on a lovely play




After the play Turquoise took a nice walk that soon turned very strange, she suddenly found herself sitting around a campfire an before her stood an Angel.


He spoke to her about her daughter, explaining that Jacinth was a servant of Lilith and that when she grew into a teen Lilith would take over her body an begin her own quest to breed a Demon Army. He told her he was sent to provide her with a child, a child that would be Fey/Angel an that should be able to take on Lilith.


He also told her the story of Nhguav, explaining his real name was Vaughn Mahoney and that he’d been the one to curse her twin sister Diamond so that Diamond could no longer have children.


Turquoise was so confused but didn’t feel that an Angel would lie to her an thus she agreed.


Soon after the family returned home, Turquoise told no one what she’d learned and instead put her energy into Jacinth an Jade’s Birthday.


She had the party set up to be celebrated at San Myshuno Park


All the kids seemed to have fun


Before long it was time for cake




As she’d been told Jacinth grew wings an they weren’t Fey


An Lilith came through Jacinth’s mirror that night



Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge – Chapter 57

Soon after Joephinite was born Turquoise new it was time to head out on the hunt again, so she told  Nhguav she was going out to a nearby, local club for a few hours. Though  Nhguav new that she was doing the 100 Baby Challenge he thought she’d put it on hold well they were together an thought  Joephinite was his daughter an Turquoise never told him different and so soon after arriving at the club she found her next baby daddy an turned on the charm as they started talking.


Talking soon moved to kissing as Turquoise was a very, charming an irresistible woman.


Soon kissing lead to sex…






Turquoise headed home once it was over to take a Pregnancy test which came back positive. She then turned her attention to her daughter  Joephinite as Jose grew into a young lady.


Illyianna’s Sims 100 Baby Challenge-Chapter 56

Where we left of Turquoise and her family were getting ready to move to the City of  San Myshuno. After Christmas passed they did just that an settled in a lovely seven bedroom house near the water.

It wasn’t long after the move that Turquoise began her hunt for the next baby daddy, she felt she’d taken a long enough break and at child forty-nine it was time to get moving.


After the two talked for a bit about various things, one thing soon moved to the next.




Soon after Turquoise headed home to take a Pregnancy Test, when it came out positive she was excited to know a new baby was on the way. However she kept to the story that it was Nhguav’s as the man was a bit possessive an frankly could be scary.

Despite being pregnant Turquoise still kept doing the things she liked doing, where as some women would stop not her.





Well Turquoise was working through her pregnancy she wasn’t aware how much her daughter Jacinth’s magic was growing. She also wasn’t aware that  Nhguav had started teaching their daughter dark magic.



Nor was she aware of how much her daughter enjoyed hurting other people




Soon however Turquoise found herself in Labor an at the Hospital



She welcomed another daughter, a human child who she named Joephinite Flare



State Of My Blog…

It’s been forever since I updated my Blog and I’m seriously sorry for that, a lot has changed in my life since February 15, 2016. In June 2016 after School ended my oldest son who turned 13 in February decided he wanted to go live with his Father even though he’s lived with me since he was two and only saw his dad part time in all those years. He moved to Halifax for the Summer an is still there.

In July of 2016 for the second time I declared bankruptcy and as I result I lost my house of eleven years and moved in September of 2016, I now live in town in a three, bedroom apartment that I’m renting.

Also in October my second son who is ten knocked my computer of the kitchen table thus breaking it so I now no longer have a computer and won’t until late January. I’m currently using my husbands computer and it’s shared between three people so I don’t get as much time to work on my Blog or Sims.

I have been playing Sims 4 and Minecraft, I actually  moved my Flare family from my 100 Baby Challenge to Sims 4 and built their house an everything so I’m thinking about continuing on with my 100 Baby Challenge in Sims 4 but I’m still a bit undecided. I’m also thinking of waiting on my new Computer and finishing my 100 Baby Challenge in Sims 3, there is just so much more to do in Sims 3 but it takes forever to load where as Sims 4 loads quick and easy.

Regardless I’m still here and this Blog is still in progress I just took a rather long Hiatus and I’m still undecided on where I want to go with my main story. I’d love to finish all my Sims 3 Challenges but I’ll need to wait for my new computer an reinstall Sims 3.