Early Civilization Era – Generation 2


  • Reach level 10 Charisma, Painting and Writing skill on the same Sim – 1 points – Done
  • Earn 5 000 simoleons from playing music for tips – 2 points -Done
  • Earn a gold medal on a house party, with the maximum number of guests – 2 points-Fail
  • Display at least 100 unique in-game collectibles on your challenge lot – 2 points -Done
    Time-limited collectibles, such as Easter Eggs, do not count.
  • Have the same Sim write 10 books of Bestseller quality – 3 points -Fail
  • ———————————————————————-

Once the first Granddaughter was born it was time to head from the Prehistoric Era to the Early Civilization Era.

02-08-16_7-08-50 PM

Naturally the baby was Breast Fed

02-08-16_6-12-09 PM

William grew into an Elder

02-09-16_7-16-04 PM

Because he grew into an Elder he spent a lot of time wood working so there would be things left to sell after his death

02-11-16_12-36-54 AM

He also Upgraded several things

02-11-16_5-52-51 PM

Before long I got a message he was near the end of his time, so he spent that time with his Granddaughter

02-11-16_12-55-29 AM

He also got painted an then painted Sarah, I couldn’t get both into the Painting so I did two, one with him an one with Sarah

02-11-16_2-46-35 PM

02-11-16_2-53-38 PM

Nathanial’s wife worked on her cooking an music skills to help raise money

02-09-16_7-24-32 PM

William took more an more naps

02-11-16_6-52-44 PM

Sarah kept working in her Garden as she soon grew into an Elder

02-14-16_3-36-56 AM

Nathanial’s wife also worked on her Writing

02-11-16_5-52-25 PM

An her Logic

02-11-16_6-51-07 PM

Illyianna quickly grew into a child, I was glad because William got to see her as a child before his death

02-11-16_2-57-40 PM

Such a good girl helping with dishes

02-11-16_6-29-02 PM

Sadly William passed shortly after she grew into a child

02-13-16_1-02-14 AM

Everyone took it really hard

02-13-16_1-03-23 AM

However like always life kept on going, Jacob, James an Illyianna doing homework, Nathanial working on his writing an Conrad coming in from wood working.

02-14-16_4-23-32 AM

Conrad took up wood working in his dad’s place, Nathanial took up Gardening, Writing an Fishing an his wife took up Music, Writing an Cooking

02-14-16_5-24-23 AM

Nathanial soon got brave enough to purpose

02-14-16_4-46-49 AM

She said Yes

02-14-16_4-46-55 AM

Soon after William came for a visit

02-14-16_4-38-04 AM

Sarah was happy

02-14-16_4-38-48 AM

Conrad soon met a lovely lady named Mary

02-14-16_5-27-01 AM

02-14-16_5-26-31 AM

They hit it off well

02-14-16_5-26-57 AM

They also went on their first date

02-14-16_5-40-17 AM

02-14-16_5-37-06 AM

He soon purposed

02-14-16_5-37-11 AM

02-14-16_5-37-13 AM

Mary said Yes

02-14-16_5-37-17 AM

I’m thinking double wedding…


Illyianna grew into a Teen shortly after William’s death

02-15-16_8-19-28 PM

Sarah soon joined William, sadly they never saw their son’s get married

02-15-16_8-22-08 PM

Conrad an Mary got married

02-18-16_5-11-28 PM

02-18-16_5-11-06 PM

Nathanial and Victoria got married

02-18-16_5-08-40 PM

02-18-16_5-12-38 PM

They had a feast

02-18-16_5-06-01 PM

02-18-16_5-06-25 PM

Mary tried her luck at the Wishing Well

02-18-16_5-16-49 PM

So did Nathanial, Mary did ok but Nathanial not so much

02-18-16_5-18-05 PM

Conrad an Mary had a baby girl, they named her Livia

02-18-16_3-47-19 PM

Nathanial grew into an Elder

02-22-16_9-52-33 AM

Conrad an Mary moved out once Livia grew into a child

02-18-16_5-32-17 PM

Soon after Nathanial, Victoria an Illyianna went on a trip

02-18-16_8-46-53 PM

02-18-16_9-21-19 PM

02-18-16_9-02-30 PM

02-20-16_3-48-35 PM

Illyianna took over the Garden’s after returning home

02-22-16_9-49-36 AM

Her dad helped

02-22-16_9-53-35 AM

Victoria grew into an Elder, soon however death took Nathanial

02-22-16_9-47-35 AM

02-22-16_10-38-22 AM

In her time of despair, Illyianna met Brutus

02-22-16_11-25-39 AM

02-22-16_11-26-31 AM

02-22-16_11-27-12 AM

02-22-16_11-26-28 AM

They hit it off

02-22-16_11-34-23 AM

Soon Illyianna was going to have his baby an he moved in…….

(I’ve decided even though I can’t complete two of the above, once Illyianna has her baby were going to the Medieval Age.)


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