Prehistoric Era – Generation 1


Reach level 10 Fishing, Gardening and Handiness skill on the same Sim – 1 points – Done

Earn 50 000 simoleons from selling fish, plants, rocks, fossils, frogs and/or woodwork – 2 points – Done

Have the same Sim have children with at least 5 different Sims – 2 points – Fail

Catch an Anglerfish worth at least 1500 simoleons – 2 points – Fail

Have no family member die of anything other than Old Age – 3 points – Done


After a long walk my founders (William an Sarah) found a cozy little valley with a nearby water supply that they could set up camp

02-04-16_3-01-43 PM

With no plants ready to Harvest they decided to begin fishing right away

02-02-16_5-24-27 PM

02-02-16_5-25-35 PM

William also managed to rig an old, wooden bucket to work as a kind of shower

02-02-16_6-30-52 PM

After a long day of fishing they settled down by the fire to roast their catch of the day

02-02-16_7-51-51 PM

Soon it started to get dark and so both sims retired to their cave for rest and relaxation.


Sarah woke up early and headed out to collect plants an herbs an found several, small crystals for trade

02-04-16_3-52-37 PM

Well Sarah collected William returned to fishing to gather enough for the days meal

02-04-16_4-16-20 PM

Once Sarah finished collecting an got a few things planted her an William settled down to chat an get to know one another

02-02-16_9-34-49 PM

02-02-16_7-02-43 PM

They also enjoyed the days catch an became good friends

02-02-16_7-52-47 PM


Things began to get rather busy as time passed, Sarah learned that scratching on rock faces could make images

02-02-16_7-57-50 PM

An she learned that mixing various, types of berries created color

02-02-16_7-55-56 PM

William learned he could make things from rock

02-02-16_7-55-33 PM

An soon he was able to work with wood as well and created planters for Sarah and her now, blooming Garden

02-04-16_4-47-08 PM

Sarah learned by taking care of her Garden, talking to it an giving it water each day it would grow beautiful an strong

02-04-16_4-11-14 PM

Seemed the planters really pleased Sarah as the two hit it off

02-04-16_4-28-30 PM

02-04-16_4-29-29 PM

02-04-16_4-29-42 PM

After much fun both headed to bed for the night…


Next day Sarah found she was more hungry then normal an started eating the various fruits an vegetables from her Garden as well as fishing

02-02-16_5-25-35 PM

Sarah soon found she was tired more an often feeling sick

02-04-16_6-03-00 PM

Is was getting harder to do her work because she was tired quicker and often feeling sick, it was not until she noticed she was putting on weight she realized she was going to have a baby

02-04-16_5-28-08 PM

She excitedly told William

02-04-16_5-35-27 PM

Soon little Nathanial was born

02-04-16_6-44-56 PM

02-04-16_6-07-20 PM

02-04-16_6-06-05 PM

William was proud of his healthy, strong son…


After Nathanial was born life continued as normal, soon Sarah was expecting her second child. One day well Sarah was collecting herbs for her Garden she met two, other no-mads.

02-04-16_8-17-27 PM

After talking for a bit she learned they had been traveling for some time, she offered them a place to rest at her camp.

02-04-16_8-17-01 PM

They were happy to accept an began to help with the daily work about the camp

02-04-16_9-23-23 PM

Happy for the help the days flew by an baby Nathanial grew into a handsome, child

02-04-16_8-15-49 PM

Sarah painted a rock image of everyone

02-04-16_8-49-20 PM

With Sarah often sick, William an Mara started to hit it off

02-04-16_9-09-46 PM

02-04-16_8-23-04 PM

After William saved Mara from a camp fire

02-04-16_9-20-41 PM

One thing lead to another

02-04-16_8-23-50 PM

02-04-16_8-26-19 PM

02-04-16_8-26-40 PM

Well this was going on Sarah went into labor with her second child

02-04-16_9-48-46 PM

02-04-16_9-49-28 PM

Baby Conrad was born

02-04-16_9-50-05 PM

02-04-16_6-06-50 PM

Two, healthy, strong, son’s, what more would William need…..


Soon after Conrad was born Mara let everyone know she was going to have a baby

02-05-16_12-44-48 PM

02-05-16_12-44-44 PM

02-05-16_12-43-40 PM

02-05-16_1-12-45 PM

Welcome James

02-05-16_1-47-43 PM

Shortly after James was born Conrad grew into a child

02-05-16_1-58-45 PM

Nathanial was happy to have someone new to play with, mean while William learned how to make furniture an was able to enter the Forgotten Grotto

02-05-16_10-08-59 PM

James grew into a child an Sarah painted the tribe

02-05-16_3-50-16 PM

Soon after the Cow Plants grew big an strong

02-05-16_4-36-34 PM

Life was busy though and at times Sarah forgot to feed them

02-05-16_4-34-47 PM

Thus leading to Mara’s death

02-05-16_8-39-03 PM

02-05-16_5-05-38 PM

Soon after Mara’s death Nathanial grew into a Teen

02-05-16_5-20-38 PM

It was sad for a time with Mara’s death but they had to keep moving on

02-05-16_8-12-14 PM

02-05-16_1-55-50 PM

From sadness comes strange things

02-05-16_8-23-13 PM

02-05-16_8-59-54 PM

Sarah became pregnant with child number three

02-05-16_8-56-52 PM

02-05-16_1-06-03 PM

02-05-16_9-30-41 PM

Conrad soon grew into a Teen….

02-05-16_9-12-56 PM


James soon grew into a Teen shortly after Conrad

02-06-16_2-08-48 PM

Nathanial got sick, Mara came for a visit

02-06-16_3-24-04 PM

Nathanial grew into a Young Adult, he’s so handsome

02-06-16_3-44-27 PM

Sarah an Altira were both Pregnant at the same time

02-06-16_2-24-54 PM

Everyone loves the Cow Plant

02-06-16_3-52-59 PM

Nathanial took up Yoga

02-06-16_3-53-39 PM

Sarah had another boy, Jacob

02-06-16_2-46-58 PM

02-06-16_2-47-48 PM

She also got her plants to Perfect an learned to combine various plant life together

02-06-16_2-22-26 PM-2

02-06-16_3-27-09 PM

Altira also had another boy, so many boys

02-06-16_3-05-23 PM

She named him Aron

02-06-16_3-07-11 PM

Sadly soon after Altira was eaten by the Cow Plant

02-06-16_6-02-50 PM

02-06-16_6-03-14 PM


After the time of Mourning was over William got to work making furniture, he can now make everything on the woodworking table

02-07-16_3-26-08 PM

Soon after a new Sims wondered into camp, she’d been traveling for some time, her name was Vici

02-07-16_4-35-28 PM

She like Guitar and her an Nathanial hit it off

02-07-16_3-31-38 PM

02-07-16_3-16-52 PM

02-07-16_3-22-13 PM

02-07-16_3-22-21 PM

02-07-16_3-47-17 PM

02-07-16_3-23-04 PM

02-07-16_3-23-18 PM

Soon after William grew into an Elder, James into a Young Adult, James moved out

02-07-16_3-35-28 PM

Before long Vici was in labor

02-07-16_5-09-52 PM

First girl was born to the Strong line, also the first grand daughter to William an Sarah, she was named Illyianna so she could go by Lily or Anna.


I was so happy to get a girl at last and a grand child, it felt like I was in the Prehistoric Era forever, I’m excited for the Early Civilization Era.



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