Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge-Sims 3-Chapter 55-Change

As most of you know a patch was put out for Sims 3, however since I had not played Sims 3 in a bit when I loaded my Origin it patched my Sims 3 game. Once it patched my game I tried to play but I was not able so I had to restore my computer to a date prior to said patch. After I did this I tried to access my games but the patch messed it up. Due to this I had to move Turquoise to a new town an house, I got very, few pictures for this Chapter so some of the events will not have images.


Where we left off Turquoise had just give birth to Twin’s, one was a Witch/Fey and the other was full Fey. Like most kids the Twins grew into Toddlers perhaps too fast, as we all know kids grow too fast. first to age was Turquoise’s Witch/Fey Daughter.

Screenshot 1

She was a bit of a loner as a Toddler but did love playing with her Imaginary Friend

Screenshot 2

Following close being was Turquoise’s Fey Daughter, she got the most beautiful wings like her mother an was a rather sweet girl

Screenshot 3

With the help of Turquoise’s five Teen children an their four Imaginary Friend’s it did not take long to teach the Twins to Walk

Screenshot 4

An Potty..

Screenshot 5

After the Twins learned to Walk, Talk an Potty Turquoise noticed that when people were around her Witch Daughter strange things happened, like Emerald being swarmed by Bees

Screenshot 6

An her son peeing himself in the middle of the living room floor, an Emerald passing out randomly near Turquoise’s Witch/Fey Daughter

Screenshot 7

She wondered if this was intentional or if the little one simply lacked control of her powers an spoke to Nhguav about it

Screenshot 9

Nhg said it was because the little one had more power then she could manage right now an was struggling to control it. He decided to spend more time with her, talking to her a teaching her various things. At her young age she could curse people, make toys go missing an shed Fey dust.

Screenshot 10

He was true to his word an she did start to control her Magic much more easily then she had been. About this time Nhg got a call from an old boss of his, he was offered a job in the city of Las Anigos. His new job came with an office and a company house, he asked Turquoise to go with him.

Turquoise was not sure if it was a good idea to leave her kids, they were now Young Adults however and were starting their own lives. About two days before Christmas she sat down an spoke to her kids about the idea. All five were fine with her needing to move, they understood she needed to continue her Challenge an thought LA would be a good place to do it.

Turquoise decided after Christmas they would move and Nhg agreed then just before Christmas the Twins grew into Children.

Screenshot 11

Screenshot 12

Once Christmas had passed the four packed up and headed to the City of Lights.