Illyianna’s 100 Baby Challenge-Sims 3-Chapter 53-Keep Your Friends Close And Your Enemies Closer…

With the Quintuplets all grown into children it was time for them to head off to School. A long with School they each started getting more interested in various things.

Julianite started getting interested in Chemistry and would work at the Chemistry table every day


It wasn’t long before she learned various Potions, one which was able to make her Imaginary Friend Julian real





She then made enough for her siblings and gave them each a Potions to make their Imaginary Friend’s real

Iridot and Iri




Iolite and Ion



Jade and Emerald



Iserine had been away at Art School and very busy, because of this he never had enough time for his Imaginary Friend Icy but he didn’t seem to mind as he was fully devoted to his Art. Once the Imaginary Friends were real Turquoise now had a house of nine children running around. Needless to say she enjoyed her days when that house was quiet and she could study her various Recipe Books.


On one such day she heard a knock at the door and put down her book to go investigate after getting dressed of course since she was still in her Pajamas.


She opened the door to a handsome, pale skinned, red haired man

” Greetings Ms. Flare my name is Nhguav Yenoham and I heard you were working on a Challenge of sorts, I believe it was called a 100 Baby Challenge. I have no children of my own and will soon be near the end of my life, due to that I’d like to offer my services.” He sort of blurted it all out in one sentence looking a bit nervous, obviously this was not something he did often.

Turquoise took a moment to process this information, with the Quint’s now children she knew it was time to look for a new father but she’d been putting it of since everything with D.W.


” I see, it’s been a long time for me, a lot has happened but you are correct it is time to continue my Challenge.”

” I only ask that I be allowed to stay once our children are born, help you raise them, teach them to walk. Once they grow old enough to care for themselves I’ll leave your life but still keep contact with out children if that’s ok.”

Turquoise thought about this, she could use the help and the adult company “Very well I could use the help, I have nine children running around right now so that and more children would be a lot for me to handle, do come in.”


” My children will be home soon so I thought we could proceed with the physical part right now and when they arrive I’ll introduce you as our new roommate.” With that they both proceeded to Turquoise’s bedroom, they were both a bit nervous so Turquoise started the process, after doing so much of this Challenge she was past Shy.


It didn’t take Nhguav long to warm up


Soon they were both comfortable and relaxed with one another


Turquoise forgot how good such an act felt, it had been a long time since she’d done this sort of thing



She decided to do some exploring


An soon it was over


She knew it wouldn’t be too long before she new if she was Pregnant or not, only then did she realize she forgot to ask Nhguav what sort of Supernatural he was. She knew he was Supernatural because she could feel the crackling energy off him, Fey were very aware of other, magical races. She was goign to ask but decided to take a rest first, she felt extremely tired an relaxed.


After he heard Turquoise’s soft breathing he quickly rose and left the room making his way to the basement where he knew the Alchemy room was. He knew the full layout of this home as he’d spent days studying it, visiting it well everyone was out and becoming familiar with the floorplan. As soon as he reached the Alchemy room he opened the large, leather bound book and began to study it.


He had plans, she would bore his children, she would bore the children of Lilith


When his plan to kill her had failed and he hadn’t been able to wipe out the Flare line like he’d hoped he went looking for more power and Lilith had provided him with it, now nothing would stand in his way. Once he finished the Elixir he moved to a nearby mirror, mirrors for him were portals to the underworld as he summoned Lilith.


I am in her home my Queen, the act is done and I’m sure she is Pregnant with my seed.” He heard Lilith’s soft, seductive voice

“Well done Vaughn, once the child is born it will be a vessel for me to enter your world and together we will do what none before us have done, keep me updated my love, I shall see you soon.”


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