Moroccan Legacy Challenge – Chapter 7

When we left off on our Moroccan Legacy Challenge Danna an Adil had just given birth to a son Adil Jr and Adil grew into an Elder. I decided rather then just end the story there that I’d take it through to Sims 4 and Ten Generations before ending it. After all I didn’t just want to drop it an leave everyone who did read it hanging, so I’ve been working on it the last, couple days.


Adil was an Elder stil and Danna had also grown into Elder Hood joining Adil

09-09-15_1-30 AM

09-09-15_12-46 AM

Adil Jr grew into an Adult and fell in love with the Sky and Stars, he spent hours staring at the sky

09-09-15_12-48 AM-2

This lead to him being abducted by an Alien race an impregnated with her offspring, resulting in the birth of his Alien/Fey Daughter Asria

09-09-15_1-24 AM-2

Asria being Alien/Fey had to watch her step in a world where few new she existed, however Brandon Lee a well known Alien Hunter new who she was an watched an tracked her for years


However all those years watching and waiting he soon fell very much in love with the lovely Alien/Fey Asria and a night of lust and passion lead both into Marriage and Asria birthed a daughter she named Anna

09-09-15_1-27 AM

Anna was a lovely, happy girl, she worked hard in School and played the Piano

09-09-15_1-42 AM

One night well doing Homework at the Park Anna met a man named Moses

09-09-15_1-44 AM

They talked for hours and as night fell they stargazed together

09-09-15_1-46 AM

Like most, young girls she quickly found herself in love with the dashing Moses

09-09-15_3-10 PM

So they began to see one another

09-09-15_3-09 PM

09-09-15_3-14 PM

Which lead to crazy attractions, raging hormones an a night together

09-09-15_3-12 PM-2

09-09-15_3-13 PM

Which lead young, teenage Anna to becoming Pregnant

09-09-15_3-20 PM

When she told Moses he didn’t seem too happy and quickly left her

09-09-15_3-21 PM-2

She was happy though, and with the love and support of her Parents, Grandfather and Great Grandparents she gave birth to a baby daughter she named Kira

09-09-15_4-56 PM

09-09-15_4-56 PM-3

Everyone loved baby Kira

09-09-15_5-00 PM

09-09-15_5-04 PM

An Anna soon learned she would have a baby brother or sister

09-09-15_4-58 PM

Meanwhile Adil Jr’s Parents were getting older so he worked harder at painting so he could paint pictures of them to remember them by

09-09-15_1-50 PM

Well he painted his mother played Guitar for him to listen to

09-09-15_4-34 PM

Adil soon managed to paint Danna an Adil Sr beautifully

09-09-15_5-12 PM

09-09-15_3-54 PM

time had passed and brought the Mishra family wealth, Grandchildren, Great Grandchildren an all was well in the World for now.

09-09-15_1-31 AM-2

More to come…


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