Status Update: Aug 25, 2015

Hey guys it’s been a bit since I posted anything on my Blog, so I thought it was time to let people know what’s been going on and why.

So one of the first things is, I had a job for three months, it was my first job after being off work for eight years well raising my three boys. Anyway I liked the job and was working a lot, since my Husband lost his job at the end of May it was a nice change an a bit rough for a time. However a personality conflict caused me to leave my job after three months and I’m currently looking for another job and my husband still has no job.

I also had to put my cat down, her name was Kesi an she was my Cat that I had for fourteen years, she was old, sore and not feeling well so I had to put her down, it was really hard for me, people say she was just a Cat but she was also my friend an the first pet I ever had to put down.

On top of that my Computer crashed, I lost everything on it, all my Sims 3 Games, Saves, CC, all my Pictures, Music, Movies an all my Sims 4 stuff. I had been taking pictures for the next Chapter of my 100 Baby Challenge when it crashed, as a result I’ve decided not to reinstall Sims 3 right now and just stick with Sims 4. I also decided to stay away from CC for Sims 4 just because a lot of the CC I had I can’t get back.

I had backups of my stuff on another drive but when my Computer went down it destroyed those backups as well. These last few days I’ve been working on restoring my Sims 4 so I can continue on with my stories but I’m trying to make each World unique so it’s taking me a bit.

Anyway I can’t answer any questions about my Sims 3 Store CC because I’ve lost all the data, everything on this site is the last copy of what I had on my Computer. Since I don’t/can’t play Sims 3 anymore I can’t tell you what package this is in or that,or if this or that works, you’re going to have to figure it out on your own from here on out.

Well that’s all I wanted to say, I didn’t forget the site or give up my Blog I just have had a lot to deal with these last few months. I was pretty broken up after I left my job and had to put my Cat down so it’s been a struggle for me. I’m feeling better now and have hope for the future but we’ll have to see where life leads me next.