Sims 3/4 – Chapter 50 – Were Out Of Here!

Soon after the kids grew into Toddlers, DW told me he’d fixed his Blue Box

Iolite Flare/Time Lord


Iridot Flare/Human


Jade Flare/Time Lady


Julianite Flare/Unknown


I was happy about that and could not wait to get out of here, I missed all the Modern things I’d had in DV. We all got into the Blue Box and began heading back to what we hoped was Modern Time. Well traveling we taught the kids to Walk, Talk an Potty only to have them grown into children as we landed

07-23-15_10-26 AM

We landed outside a rather large, modern home but found we were no longer in Dragon Valley, after some research we realized we were in the Future and in a place called Newcrest.

07-23-15_10-50 AM-6

DW explained that with the work he’d had to do to the Blue Box it stopped him from returning to past places we’d already been. After learning this he’d taken the Box for a test drive before telling me to make sure it was safe and had purchased this home with us in mind. He’d also checked in out to make sure it had everything we needed an that it was large enough for my current an growing family with my baby challenge in mind.

07-23-15_10-37 AM

07-23-15_10-50 AM-3

After telling me all this DW took us on  tour of our new, modern home

Living Room

07-23-15_10-38 AM


07-23-15_10-39 AM-4

07-23-15_10-40 AM

07-23-15_10-40 AM-2

Child Girl Bedroom

07-23-15_10-41 AM-5

07-23-15_10-41 AM-6

Child Boy Bedroom

07-23-15_10-41 AM-3

07-23-15_10-41 AM-4

Music Room

07-23-15_10-42 AM

Our Bedroom

07-23-15_10-40 AM-3

Our Bathroom

07-23-15_10-41 AM

Teen Boy Room

07-23-15_10-43 AM-2

Teen Boy Bathroom

07-23-15_10-44 AM

07-23-15_10-44 AM-4

Game Room

07-23-15_10-44 AM-6

Movie Room

07-23-15_10-46 AM

Outside Patio

07-23-15_10-45 AM

Relax Room

07-23-15_10-47 AM-2


07-23-15_10-48 AM-3

Yoga Room

07-23-15_10-48 AM

07-23-15_10-48 AM-2


07-23-15_10-42 AM-2

07-23-15_10-42 AM-3

07-23-15_10-43 AM

I had to say the house had it all even a Teen Girl Room, Art Room, Playroom and Dinning Room, I loved it right away and I could tell DW new it. DW also decided to stay with us for a bit longer well he worked on a way to fix the Blue Box so he could go back and let my sons from Dragon Valley know what had happened to us.