Sims 3 – Chapter 49 – Medieval What?

After some noise an banging, some spinning an bumping Dw’s Little Blue Box came to a stop and we soon started to smell smoke as he ushered me outside.

“What is going on Dw? How will we get home?” I yelled…

WTH Getting Us Stuck Here

” Oh no, no, no my Tardis, my baby is on fire! ”


” What will I do.”

” DW can you fix it?”

This Is Your Fault!

” I’m sorry, I’m sorry I don’t know what happened.”

I'm Sorry

” In time I can Fix it.”

I'll Fix It

I started to calm down ” When can you fix it? How long DW?”

” I’m not sure, we should likely find shelter …um maybe buy a house for now an you’ll have to Glamour.”

What I Have To Glamor

” Um why?”

” Well by the empty area an those homes in the distance I believe were in Medieval Times an People here would not be use to Fey. It took many, thousands of years for Humans to understand they were not the only Race on the Planet.”

People Here Never Saw Fey

” I see, well ok then but being Pregnant and holding a Glamour is going to be exhausting.”


“How’s this?”


” Looks good, it will hold, let me do mine.”


Soon after, moving quickly we found a small but simple house.”


In these times people got their own food by growing it rather then buying it at the Supermarket. Lucky for us our home had a small Garden out back that had been cared for well by the past owner.


After I finished collecting fruits and vegetables for supper I headed inside to prepare something, unfortunately my body had other ideas I went into labor, I had been close to my due date and with the trip, the stress, fear for my boys left behind combined with the Glamour It had all been too much.

Broken Water

I gave birth to five babies like the Doctor had said I would, three boys and two girls

Iridot Flare/Male


Iolite Flare/Male


Iserine Flare/Male


Jade Flare/Female


Julianite Flare/Female



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