Sims 3 – Chapter 48 – Hello Little Blue Box!

Next day after learning I was going to have another baby I headed to the Hospital to see the Doctor and get checked


” Congratulations Ms.Flare your babies seem to be doing very well an growing fast.”

” Um babies? I thought there was only one.”

My Doctor laughed ” Oh no Ms. Flare not one baby but five, your going to have Quintuplets.”

I was stunned, five babies, I’d never had more then three “Oh wow, I should really go pass this news on to the Father.”

” Yes you should, I’d like to see you again in another, two weeks.”

With that said I headed home to call an let DW in on the news and ask for his help, I found twins to be a lot to handle I couldn’t see myself handling Quintuplets.

Telling DW

Once I told him he seemed pretty happy and promised to help

Tell 1 DW

I felt better knowing he’d be there and fell into his arms in relief

Sex 00002 DW

Sex 0002 DW

Sex 002 DW

We finished up just as Indi got home and celebrated his Teen Birthday

Indi Teen

After we all got together and built an Igloo


DW an I had fun in that later, once the boys were both in bed and next day I headed over to DW’s to talk about plans for our coming children


Tardis Talk 1

He then let me know he’d fixed his box, he could Travel with it now and was wondering if I’d like to try it. I said sure, I could tell how excited he was and it sounded curious

Tardis Talk 2

So we headed out to test out his newest invention

To The Past


2 responses to “Sims 3 – Chapter 48 – Hello Little Blue Box!

  1. What mods do you use for your sex scenes? i am thinking of starting a similar story and always thought they were a nice touch.

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