Sims 3 – Chapter 47 – Back To Sims 3

So I had thought about moving to Sims 4 because there was a Mod called Shorter Pregnancy that I wanted to use for my 100 Baby Challenge an the Birth Certificate. However with the May Update to Sims 4 that Mod is no longer any good because they changed some files surrounding Pregnancy so I decided to go back to Sims 3.

I’ve been looking around the various, Sims 3 Sites and came across a Animator that adds a lot of new actions involving WooHoo as well as other things. So I decided to give it a try and have been back to playing Sims 3 steady the last, several days.

I’ve also been working on my picture taking an getting images for this Chapter and I’ve done pretty good with improving them. So I’m going to warn you that from here, on out there may be some graphical images that some people won’t like, if this is the case then don’t bother reading on from here.

Withe Dorren’s help we watched Iridium grow quickly into an intelligent, young child and start School

Iri Child

Soon after Iridium grew into a child an headed to School I got a call from Dorren to meet him at the local Art Cafe

Meet 1

Once I arrived an we settled down for a Coffee he told me about how my Challenge had become known in Dragon Valley an how a few of his Friend’s were interested in helping me out. He gave me a list of name’s and a bit of information on each Friend

Meet 2

Once we finished talking it over I thanked him an headed home for Indialite’s birthday

Indi Child

Indialite was a Fey through an through an really enjoyed playing tricks on his brother

Indi Prank 1

However I’m the one who got the brunt of it

Indi Prank 2

Needless to say I was not very impressed

Indi Trouble

An this trick not only bugged me an messed up the bathroom it got Indialite in time out

Indi Time Out

I suppose I might have over reacted a bit but he did need to learn he couldn’t play tricks all the time, it had been a problem in School. Soon however Indialite left for School for the day an it was all forgotten as he smiled an got on the Bus. I slipped on my coat and headed over to meet the first name on the list, DW.

Meeting DW

DW was a handsome man, I found him charming in a way an he had a great love for Science, he new who I was an invited me in shortly after I arrived. I learned he was single and just passing through Dragon Valley for now and that Time Travel was the Science I learned he was most interested in. He’d been working on a project involving Time Travel for nearly five years now an was convinced he was close. We hit it off rather well as we talked more and learned more an more about one another, I loved his mind an how much he craved Adventure.

Kiss 1 DW

After we’d talked for a bit it was obvious we had Chemistry and a lot of it, such Chemistry soon lead to our first kiss an after that he took me outside to show me his fiver year project.


To me it just looked like a large, blue box however he assured me it was much, much more and I could tell he was excited about it. He promised to take me in it when he got it working and I had to smile liking the thought of it. Before long we were both kissing an breathless, all the chemistry between us had built and built leading to one thing or another.

Sex 01 DW

Sex 001 DW

Sex 0001 DW

Sex 00001 DW

Soon after I returned home feeling sick

Preggers DW

It was obvious my recent adventure had granted me another child and I found myself excited about it. To add to the excitement we celebrated Iridium’s birthday as he grew into a Teen

Iri Teen

With growing into a Teen he became interested in Basketball and Car’s

Iri Ball

We often played Basketball together even though neither one of us was that good, an when not playing ball he was restoring an old junker he’d bought

Iri Car

Before we new it Winter had set in and we went as a family to the Winter Festival

Indi Festival

Indialite an I both really enjoyed skating and had a great time doing it together, things seemed to be going really well for us as a family, we considered ourselves blessed.


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