Sims 4 – My New Beginning Challenge Set 4

Time flies when your having fun, before I new it Everquest an her Husband grew into Elders, I guess they were not married before the kids were born, regardless he decided to make an honest woman out of Everquest after all.

04-01-15_3-20 PM

04-01-15_3-31 PM

Followed by that Turquoise an Diamond grew into YA…Happy Birthday Turquoise..

04-01-15_2-39 PM

Happy Birthday Diamond…

04-01-15_2-41 PM

Sadly once Turquoise, Damon an Dominic moved out Everquest an Kristian died

04-04-15_7-56 PM

04-04-15_7-56 PM-2

04-04-15_8-10 PM

Once Diamond got over being sad she met Christian an fell in love, they soon married

04-04-15_9-04 PM

Then the Cow Plant ate him an Diamond went into labor

04-26-15_1-00 AM

She gave birth to a daughter

04-26-15_1-22 AM


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