Sims 3 – Chapter 46 – To Be Continued…

So I’ve been doing some thinking lately and I’ve decided to move the rest of this Challenge to Sims 4. I struggled for a bit with this because I do love all the things you can do in Sims 3, however at the same time I’m getting tired of the Toddler Phase an teaching them the same things over an over.

Also with the new, Birth Certificate in Sims 4 I’m excited to have kids at the Hospital an get Birth Certificate’s for them. So once my Challenge is done it will be nice to see all 50+ Birth Certificate’s in the Baby Challenge Home.I might even try some twists using the new Inteen Mod that I found.

After Iridium grew into a Toddler Indialite Flare soon followed


Two Toddlers was exhausting



Potty Idi




Talk Indi

Walk 2

She was glad Dorren stayed around to help

Talk 2

See you in Sims 4……

05-01-15_3-19 PM


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