Sims 4 – My New Beginning Challenge Set 3

Everquest has been making a lot of progress in My New Beginning Challenge, she got her Gardening to Level 6 and so we built a Park and she recently got her Cooking to Level 6 so we built a Cafe. She’s also gotten married and now has four, lovely kids, two boys and two girls.

This is Everquest’s Husband, she met him at the new construction of the Coloney’s Park

03-20-15_7-46 PM

03-20-15_7-47 PM

Soon after they met an fell in love she invited him to move in

03-20-15_8-01 PM

With the money he brought they were able to add on to the house, once construction was done they had to celebrate

03-20-15_9-23 PM-2

Soon  after Ever was Pregnant an gave birth to twin boys

03-21-15_4-40 PM

I had to do some nursery changes, I was hoping for girls but got boys instead, not much longer though she was Pregnant with twin girls. Once all the kids were kids an not babies they went on a family vacation

03-22-15_8-50 PM

03-22-15_8-52 PM

03-22-15_10-08 PM

Once they returned home her twin son’s grew into Teenagers

03-22-15_10-57 PM

Now I’m trying to get the money to build some more bedrooms


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