Illy’s Animal Crossing Challenge

I’ve been playing the Animal Crossing Challenge that I found on The Sims Forum by Luminorious Simology and I have to say I’m loving it. You’ll need to look at the link above to know what sort of rules and such I have to follow but there’s just so much to do in it.

I’ve also just had my first Baby in Sims 4 and I can’t get over how lively they are, you can breast feed them, bottle feed them, they wiggle their arms, smile, laugh, giggle an there is a tone of new actions involved with them. They truly look like real babies to which I think is so cool, I almost want to keep them a baby forever due to how cute they are. Also I have to say if they’d also kept Toddlers this game would get a 10 on my scale of 1 to 10.

Anyway I wanted to post some images of my Animal Crossing Challenge, I’ve progressed rather well in it and it’s been so much fun.

First thing I did was make a Sim, well I didn’t make her, I got her from the Gallery, her name is Fairy Floss, after that I Downloaded an moved her into the Animal Crossing lot made by Simifymecaptain using the Free Real Estate Cheat and the bb.moveobjects on cheat. Then I bought a suit of armor to knock her funds down an got to work decorating her house. This lot also offered three 6X6 houses, a museum, fishing pond, train station, police station an a small store. Your not allowed to make the houses bigger, add/remove walls or modify anything else on the lot but you can decorate them, furnish them an such an so I did her’s like below.

03-17-15_4-47 PM-4

As part of the Challenge she needs to:

-Every Gemstone/Metal/Element
-Every Fossil
-Every MySims Trophy
-Every Fish
-Every Microscope/Space Print
-Every Postcard

So I sent her out right away to do that and sell any doubles she may have collected

03-17-15_5-45 PM

03-17-15_5-43 PM

Soon she met an befriended some people

03-17-15_6-28 PM

An since part of the Challenge is to get people to move in with you she was soon able to do that

03-17-15_6-55 PM-4

03-18-15_6-16 PM-2

After he moved in they hit it of an fell in love

03-18-15_6-17 PM

03-18-15_6-17 PM-3

03-18-15_6-18 PM-3

03-18-15_6-19 PM-2

After she took a pregnancy test

03-18-15_6-24 PM

An she was expecting

03-18-15_6-26 PM

03-18-15_6-47 PM

03-18-15_6-59 PM

She took it easy for a bit then invited another friend to move in

03-18-15_7-02 PM

Soon she had a cute, baby boy

03-18-15_9-03 PM

03-18-15_9-06 PM

So now she has all the houses filled with people living in them, a son, she’s collected nearly all Frog an Fish types and is working on Fossils, Gems, Metals an she was able to add a second level to the Museum, I’m going for the 110% Challenge so I was able to build a second level on the Museum do to that.


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