Sims 4 – My New Beginning Challenge Images – Set 2

I’ve been finding it very hard to keep Everquest’s social up, even though she has the Loner trait she still seems to need people an talking to Plants just is not working. However she has been able to Evolve her Plant’s to Very Nice Quality which is good

03-10-15_6-00 PM-2

Still for the Social I gave in an got her a Computer so she can Chat an Penpal

03-10-15_5-54 PM

However even that didn’t seem to work so I gave in an sent her on Vacation

03-10-15_6-40 PM

She rented the above place for three days an soon after the Ranger came over an they talked

03-10-15_6-42 PM

Talking worked well for her because she got hungry an cooked after

03-10-15_6-46 PM-3

Since she was feeling better I sent her to work collecting

03-10-15_6-48 PM

03-10-15_6-50 PM

Then she took a Nap

03-10-15_6-51 PM

Met a few friends

03-10-15_6-54 PM

Did some Stargazing

03-10-15_6-57 PM

Was pondering him as a Husband but he was already married, after Stargazing she roasted some Fish from her day’s catch

03-10-15_7-14 PM

Vacation was over all too soon, but she headed home with new Herbs an was able to make some Remedies

03-10-15_7-56 PM

She also took up painting because it’s taking forever to make money an frankly I’m getting a little bored

03-10-15_9-07 PM


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