My New Beginning Challenge Images – Set 1

This is my Sim for the Challenge, her name is Everquest Gold an I made her unique by giving her purple hair and gold eyes. She’s a Freelance Botanist who’s a Collector, Loner, Love The Outdoors, Bookworm and Family Oriented.

03-08-15_1-22 AM

This is the 50X50 Lot she’s starting with…

03-08-15_1-22 AM-2

I had to put the toilet in that little, red building so that’s all it’s for right now cause toilets need to be against walls. I sent her out to start Collecting right away.

03-08-15_1-24 AM-2

03-08-15_1-25 AM

Then we did some Fishing

03-08-15_1-26 AM-2

After we bought some Seeds an began to Garden

03-08-15_1-36 AM

Tired from the long day it was time for Supper

03-08-15_1-52 AM

03-08-15_1-53 AM

Chilling by the Campfire after a long day of hard tasks

03-08-15_3-02 AM

An then it was time for Bed

03-08-15_1-56 AM


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